Jacques Dutronc confides frankly to 78 years old about his fragile health!


Jacques Dutronc in the worst of his 78 years, his fragile health he confides in his fans. Here are all the details the singer shared.

With his son Thomas, Jacques Dutronc will begin the “Dutronc et Dutronc” tour scheduled for 40 dates. A great challenge for this man who will celebrate his 79th birthday on April 28.

Jacques Dutronc is going on a major tour throughout France

Meeting the father-son duo on April 11, before the start of these concerts, La Parisien noted a conversation between the two singers on the physical condition of Jacques Dutronc.

“You see, it’s not too tiring as a concert”, would have said Thomas Dutronc, referring to the progress of the show. And the father of the family comments with self-mockery: “You saw, I have a stool. But the walker is not far away”.

The Cactus interpreter said in February 2022 that he had “a disc problem”: “The hip is done and it’s fine, but my back is crushed. I had a big hernia in January, and I’m in pain today. »

What his son had retorted: “There are plenty of people who think that you are in better shape than three years ago. Moreover, Jacques Dutronc owes a lot to his son for this return to the stage. As Le Parisien said, if he can “no longer play the guitar”, Thomas Dutronc and his “fetish guitarist, Fred Chapellier” will be there.

The new habits of Jacques Dutronc

Epicurean, Jacques Dutronc chose to change his habits to perform on stage. He said he had “stopped drinking” and would now take organic chicory: “It’s not bad, but it tastes better with honey in it,” he said.

The opportunity to look back on the exceptional career of Jacques Dutronc. He was born in 1943 in Paris. He had a privileged childhood in the 9th arrondissement of Paris. At a very young age, he took piano lessons. As a teenager, he often skipped school. Always surrounded by friends, like Johnny Hallyday, the group meets on the Place de la Trinité. Jacques Dutronc created his first group, El Toro et les Cyclones, in the early 1960s.

Jacques Dutronc begins to work for other artists. Then, hired as assistant to the director of Vogue, Jacques Wolfsohn, he was in charge of Zouzou’s career. He composes the title Va pas prie un tambour, for Françoise Hardy. Jacques Dutronc interprets “And me, and me, and me”. The song was a success and received the Académie Charles-Cros prize. In 1966, his first opus, “Et moi, et moi, et moi” was awarded gold.

The collaboration with Jacques Lanzmann brought great success, such as the title Il est cinq heures, Paris s’éveil in 1968. Jacques Dutronc became a figurehead of yé-yé. He multiplies the albums. In 1980, he recorded the album Guerre et Pets with his friend Serge Gainsbourg. In 1992, he returned to the stage at the Casino de Paris.

The show received the prize for the best show of the year and the album recorded live, Dutronc au Casino de Paris, sold 600,000 copies. In 2003, he released a new album, Madame l’existence, for which he reunited with Jacques Lanzamnn. He went back on stage in 2010, for 80 dates. In 2014, he was on stage for the show Les Vieilles Canailles.

Jacques Dutronc, multiple talents

He made his film debut in 1973 with Jean-Marie Périer who offered him a role in Antoine et Sébastien. His performance was acclaimed and marked the beginning of a fine filmography. In 1974, he obtained a role in The important thing is to love Andrzej Zulawski with Romy Schneider. He works with Jean-Luc Godard (Save life), Claude Lelouch (A nous deux), Nicole Garcia (Place Vendôme), Claude Chabrol (Merci pour le chocolat).

Jacques Dutronc

In 1991, with Maurice Pialat, he lent his features to the painter Van Gogh and won the César for best actor in 1992. In 2014, he was in the credits of the film Les Francis by Fabrice Begotti shot in Corsica, which now resides in Monticello. In the weeks and months to come, we will have the opportunity to talk about its news on People Act Magazine.


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