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Laeticia Hallyday: Jade and Joy’s mother recently had some health concerns. What she wanted to reassure her many fans. To do this, she shared a photo of herself displaying a pretty smile. Her darling also spoke about her condition.

A big scare

A few days ago, admirers of the widow of Taulier were surprised to learn that she was hospitalized urgently. According to information from Closer, the businesswoman was admitted to a hospital in the Paris region.

Also according to this magazine, Laeticia Hallyday would be suffering from hypokalemia. This pathology is characterized by a drop in the level of potassium in the blood. On March 24, 2022, the 47-year-old blonde underwent a battery of examinations in the Millénaire clinic in Montpellier.

Johnny Hallyday’s widow suffers from chronic gouty arthritis. This would cause polyarticular inflammation in the arms and feet. Limb deformities are usually accompanied by unbearable pain.

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In order to limit the devastating effects of her illness, Laeticia Hallyday will have to undergo heavy treatment. On top of that, she will have to drastically change her diet. The fact that she is sick explains the fact that she has been rare on the web lately.

This did not at all reassure his community. In order to appease the most worried, his companion, Jalil Lespert, shared some pictures showing his beloved in Instagram story. In one of the photos, Hélène Darroze’s best friend was radiant and relaxed in the midst of her loved ones.

A reassuring picture

In the photos, Laeticia Hallyday wore big sunglasses. She adorned herself with an elegant white poncho and pink printed pants. Apparently, Jalil’s girlfriend and her friends were enjoying a sunset on a beach. An image that will reassure the admirers of the couple.

Whatever happens, the mother of Jade and Joy knows that she can always count on her darling. The least we can say is that it is more reassuring to see her smile on a beach than to be satisfied with news about hospitalization and a serious illness.

What Johnny would have liked above all

In December 2021, on the fourth anniversary of Johnny Hallyday’s disappearance, RTL radio obtained an interview with his widow. Among the topics that were discussed, there was the case of his love affair with Jalil Lespert.

Laeticia Hallyday seriously ill: Jalil Lespert gives her news
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Even though the 47-year-old woman has rebuilt her life, she knows she will never forget the one with whom she spent more than 26 years of her life. It is therefore obvious that it was difficult for him to invest himself fully in this new relationship.

“It’s complicated to learn to love again when you’ve loved a man like Johnny, when you’ve loved a man unconditionally, it takes time […] “says Laeticia Hallyday.

Over time, the mother of Jade and Joy managed to reconcile her new life and the memory of the Taulier. She is also firmly convinced that the Rocker would have liked her to continue living.

“Today I get there by telling myself that he would be proud, he wanted me to start my life over, for myself and for my daughters. […] He is (Jalil Lespert, editor’s note) a wonderful, extraordinary man, who is driven by the same values ​​as mine, ”she confides.

The whole family reunited in Los Angeles

Once she was done with her scans, the couple reunited in Los Angeles. André Boudou’s daughter will be able to take advantage of the director’s presence for a few months, because he will have to stay there for the needs of his feature film.

The couple savors these precious moments spent together and does not fail to immortalize the best moments through photos that they share on the web. Jalil Lespert recently filled his Instagram story with photos taken as a couple, on the beach or with friends.

But it’s not just for them, the director also posted a photo of his son Aliosha on the way to school in Los Angeles.

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