Jennifer Lopez tells how Ben Affleck proposed to her in his bubble bath


Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez on the red carpet for the premiere of Marry Me. (Los Angeles, February 8, 2022.) Getty Images

In her newsletter published on Tuesday April 12, the singer recounts with tenderness how Ben Affleck knelt down to ask her to marry, while she was in her bath.

Engaged for a few days to actor Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez is swimming in happiness, literally. In its newsletterOnTheJLo“, broadcast Tuesday, April 12, the singer has decided to share with his community behind the scenes of his marriage proposal that occurred … in his bathroom.

bubbles of joy and love

“Saturday night, in my favorite place on earth (a bubble bath), my beautiful love got down on her knees and proposed to me,” she begins by writing. If engagement rumors had been circulating for several weeks, the 52-year-old singer says she was the first surprise. “I was literally speechless and he said, ‘Is that a yes?’ I replied: “Yes, of course, that’s a yes”, she recalls.

Ben Affleck would then have handed him a ring, a “green diamond”. “[C’est] my favorite color is also my lucky color, assures the delighted singer. Obviously this will be my lucky color forever now. It’s so magical when someone thinks of you, loves you and understands you.”

In video, Jennifer Lopez dances alongside Ben Affleck to the tunes of “Jenny from the Block”

Happy ending

If J-Lo had a previous marriage proposal worthy of a movie set with her ex Alex Rodriguez, the interpreter of Ain’t Your Mama is satisfied with this less “fancy” version and even considers it “the most romantic thing” she could have imagined. “Just a quiet Saturday night at home, two people promising to always be there for each other,” she says. And to add: Two very lucky people who had a second chance to know true love.

A “simple” moment but not devoid of emotions. “I looked him in the eye smiling and crying, while trying to come to terms with the idea that after 20 years it was happening again,” she explains. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have indeed already experienced a first love story in 2002, followed by a marriage proposal, which finally ended in a cancellation in 2004, and a breakup, in particular because of media pressure. .

Separated for nearly twenty years, and anxious not to make the same mistakes, the two lovers are now trying to keep photographers at a safe distance. According to a source interviewed by Page Six , the couple intends to keep silent about the place and date of the festivities. His prognosis? “They’ll just do it and then announce it.”



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