Johnny Depp: Ultra violent text messages against Amber Heard revealed, his best friend to his rescue


The war is total between the ex-spouses: for several years, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have not ceased to relaunch the ball to find out who, of one or the other, is responsible for the divorce, has shown violence , etc… An unbearable situation for the two actors who are currently in court for defamation: after a forum in which she claimed to have been the victim of domestic violence, the actor had attacked his ex-wife before she replied .

In front of the court, both continued to tear each other apart this Wednesday, in the presence of Isaac Baruch, the best friend of the interpreter ofEdward Scissorhands. The latter was questioned by the lawyer for the opposing party on text messages that he would have received from the actor, in which the vulgar are familiar with the creepy. Indeed, the actor treats his wife there as “bitch” and explains that he would like that “Amber’s mutilated body rots in the trunk of a car“.

Very violent writings, which Isaac Baruch could not deny: to each question, he could only answer effectively “it is written, so it must be true“. However, he tried to defend his friend as much as possible, explaining that both of them treated each other as “treasures“and that he had only seen”two fights between them“.

The first was while Amber was in New York, they were on the phone and I could hear what she was saying because he had it on speakerphone. […] He kept telling her ‘Who is it, who is it?’ and she was like, ‘What are you doing to me, baby?’“, he testified. According to him, after seeing them hang up on each other several times and reminisce, he ended up picking up the phone himself and cutting the argument short.

The second would have taken place while Johnny Depp was doing everything to get Amber’s sister out of their apartment, where he had previously invited her to come and live. Just as he had done for Isaac Baruch: the painter indeed lived graciously in the actor’s penthouse, not far from the couple. He also remained very complimentary on Amber Heard, whom he seems to have appreciated a lot.

I was crazy about her just like Johnny was“, he told the court. “She is very respectful, very graceful, she has beautiful teeth. She treats me with great respect. She has a lot of humor and always asks me, when I’m at home, what I want to eat or drink.“.

However, he recalled a disturbing episode at court: on the day of the alleged violence, he met Amber at their home: “She told me ‘he threw a phone at me and reached for me‘” the artist explained. “I looked at his forehead, the side of his face, his cheek, his neck, the other side of his face, and I see nothing.“, he continued, claiming to have kissed her on the affected cheek without her reacting.

A few days later, he still does not notice any “redness, blister, hematoma, scar“, he explains, before claiming to have seen him enter his apartment with a make-up artist who works for the couple. He will learn from the press that four days later, the young actress filed for divorce when she saw pics of her”with that brown mark on your face“, he says. And he assures that on June 3, Amber Heard told him: “I told Johnny that I didn’t want anything. It was the lawyers who pushed me to do all this”.

Repeating never having seen other violence, he echoes the sister of Johnny Depp who had explained the day before that his brother was not violent. Vanessa Paradis, the mother of her two children Lily-Rose and Jack, had also come to her defense immediately.

However, Amber Heard’s lawyers have already announced that they have other evidence that they will present to the court later. Other stars were also called to testify, including James Franco and Elon Musk.


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