Just Eat will lay off a third of its salaried delivery people in France


It presented itself as the most ethical meal delivery platform. Faced with its competitors, Uber Eats and Deliveroo, which employ freelancers, Just Eat has boasted since 2021 of salaried its couriers in France. The platform is backtracking and announced on Tuesday April 12 a plan to save jobs. It wants to separate from a third of its delivery people currently on permanent contracts, nearly 300 jobs are threatened because they have not found a profitable model.

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Just Eat wanted to grow too quickly, summarizes Jérémy Graça, delivery man for a year and a half for the platform. This Force Ouvrière delegate was not surprised when management announced the job cuts to him. “After two or three months in the capital, they wanted to expand to 27 cities in France before having proven themselves in Paris.he explains. In addition, without having given premises or put the delivery people in good conditions.”

However, the conditions of employment were offered by Just Eat: sick leave, paid leave, fixed remuneration, on time and not on the run as with competitors Deliveroo or Uber Eats. Attracted by these advantages, many young people become delivery men for Just Eat. But the platform does not keep them at the end of their trial period. Some are fired, others resign. With fewer delivery people, meal delivery times have exploded. “There were losses of customers because deliveries arrived an hour, two hours, three hours late”explains Jérémy Graça.

“It has also led to restaurant owners turning to Uber and Deliveroo. It’s more profitable to work for them because we don’t have a lot of deliveries with Just Eat and when they arrive, it’s very late.”

Jérémy Graça, Force Ouvrière delegate

at franceinfo

Just Eat only intends to keep deliverers on permanent contracts in seven cities, where the platform achieves its biggest figures: Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Toulouse or Lille.


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