Koh-Lanta, The cursed Totem: Stéphanie still eliminated, medical abandonment, Olga in tears!


The adventure continues in Koh-Lanta, The Cursed Totem. During the last council, it was the yellow Matingi who were forced to eliminate one of their own. Stéphanie, identified by some as the weak element in sport, was fired from the team. During this same evening against Denis Brogniart, Olga had harsh words for Yannick, who scares her… This Tuesday, April 5, 2022, TF1 is broadcasting the sixth episode of the survival game with new tests, and new Adventures for Robinson Apprentices!

comfort game

Before the first test, on the yellow camp the atmosphere is heavy after the revelations of Olga. She then explains in the early morning. “I think I didn’t know how to balance my emotions“, she regrets. She apologizes to Yannick, surprised and hurt. A discussion full of emotion (Olga burst into tears) which ends in a collective hug, for a new start… or almost. “I’m not a fool, Olga’s apologies I take with a grain of salt“, launches the basketball player.

It’s already time to find the reds for the game of comfort. Once the two tribes are reunited on the beach, Denis Brogniart announces bad news: Jean-Philippe will not return. “You have been under observation for two days, you have done tests and the results, unfortunately, do not allow you to start the adventure again.“, indicates the host to the adventurer with swollen feet, lying in the clinic on images previously shot. The misfortune of some makes the happiness of others … Jean-Philippe is replaced by the last eliminated, Stéphanie! She therefore makes her arrival with the reds.

Before starting, Denis Brogniart announces the reward: discovering the taste of the local speciality, chicken adobo! That’s not all, the winning team will enjoy a night in small nests on the cliff side with comfortable mattresses and a huge fire, where it is possible to roast delicious marshmallows! The losers will be struck by the curse of the cursed totem and will go to another island, where they will have to hold out until the next game of comfort in hostile conditions.

Place to the test. The adventurers of the same team must all stand on a beam in the middle of the ocean in order to place themselves on a platform located at the other end of the beam. The team that places itself on the platform first wins the game. Draw obliges, a red woman is exempted: Stéphanie. Ironically for her who had already shot three black balls in the yellows.

The yellows take a clear lead against the reds who are struggling to catch up with them. The victory is no surprise for the yellows! While they enjoy their superb reward, the reds find themselves on the former camp of the purples.

Immunity test

The rules are as follows: the adventurers have the task of composing a figure on a structure in the shape of a horseshoe using eighteen pieces. The goal is to match the shapes between the structure and the drawings on the pieces of wood. The two tribes are divided into two groups of four adventurers linked by a rope who pass the baton every three minutes. The structure tilts between each passage. What complicate the task! During the draw between red women, it is Stephanie who is dismissed. A misfortune that pursues her…

The reds are more effective and take advantage. But against all odds, they are overtaken by their adversaries. And finally, victory is for the yellows !

It is serene that they return to their camp. And as they go in search of food, Nicolas comes across an immunity necklace valid until the first reunification council!

For their part, the reds are thinking about the board. Maxime annoys the camp and this creates some tension. Stephanie thinks about voting against Maxime while other members of the team plan to eliminate Stephanie. Also remember that Pauline has a cursed bracelet.


Facing Denis Brogniart, the reds analyze their defeats and hope to do better next time. Everyone votes on their side. No immunity collar, so it’s time for counting. Pauline has a voice against her, that of her cursed bracelet, Maxime also has one in her name. And it’s Stephanie who is eliminated, with eight ballots against it. Barely arrived, here she is already gone…

Audience sidethis sixth issue of Koh-Lanta, The Cursed Totem attracted 3.64 million loyal viewers for a market share of 16.5% for 4-year-olds and over and 30% for women responsible for purchases under fifty (FRDA-50).


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