Maintain the gap! [Thierry B. Audibert]


We follow behind the League Conference, or Conference League, I don’t know. I keep giving a fuck and I have to be the one.

Unlike most of you, fellow supporters, I don’t really care about this competition whose only merit in my eyes is to keep the whole squad under pressure. Except Alvaro, poor thing.

Poor thing, Alvaro! Poor Alvaro… What do you want me to tell you? Apparently, it had become impossible, the men made their choice, and we have the right to find the situation of the Spaniard very unfair. Then to turn the page, because that’s how football works, this formidable machine that only feeds on the present.

You want this cardboard cup so badly that I don’t dare say anything more.

I just hope that we won’t have to regret its energy cost at the time of the accounts, but I understand that you all dream of conquest, whatever the prey, even if it is hardly alluring.

How will our Olympians be tonight, after this match against PAOK, which will have left its mark beyond the organisations, in the judgments that UEFA will make on the behavior of supporters on both sides?

As against Basel, OM could have gone to Greece in slippers while smoking chicha. And now we had to fight until the last minute and resolve to a stormy return match-leu-leu oula-la.

Let’s hope that the rotation organized by Sampaoli will make it possible to approach the meeting against Montpellier without having too heavy legs. The challenge of tonight’s game is known. Maintain the gap with the pursuers, and why not increase it thanks to a new underperformance on their part (I’m talking about Nice because Rennes unfortunately have already taken their three points). History to offer a joker before going on the lawn of Qatar during the next day.

In this perspective, we hope that Milik who resumed training with the group this week after being injured in the selection, will leave on the same good foot that was his just before this cursed truce. When we remember the many Olympian occasions against Salonika, it is reasonable to think that our Polish would have made a massacre. (Unfortunately we learn this morning in La Provence that he will not be part of the group this evening).

And finally, because we have to talk about it, even if we only did that this week, a few words about Payet’s goal on Thursday. Obligatory !

What will have struck me the most beyond the beauty of the gesture, its perfect coordination, the ideal percussion of the ball-foot forces, the speed of the ball, the angle found… is the reaction finally quite contained from Dimitri. His emotion.

Payet gave us the impression that something bigger than him had overtaken him in the execution of his recovery. As if the brain and the body had been piloted by an unknown deity who had slipped into him for that moment. He didn’t even have time to think, to anticipate, to plan. It was a flash of genius that passed through him, gone as quickly as it came, and Dimitri seemed to display in the emotion on his face both astonishment and recognition, at the same time as he realized that his gesture would go around the world of football several times.

Whether we witnessed this goal at the Stadium, at home on the sofa, or like me, in a hotel room, it remained in our retinas like a wonder, we must therefore say a huge thank you to Dimitri Payet, him wish that the god of football would cross his body for a long time to come.

Why not again tonight?

Long live the great Roger Magnusson!

Thierry B Audibert


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