Marta locks Théo and Célia in the cold room (Summary and spoilers episode 378 of ITC)


“Here Everything Begins” preview of Thursday, April 14, 2022, detailed summary and spoilers for episode 378 of ITC. In your daily series, Marta can’t forget Theo. Jasmine meanwhile wants to seduce Axel and Hortense creates tension.


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The detailed summary of episode 377 of Wednesday April 13, 2022 of Here it all begins is also online. Good reading.


“Here it all begins” Summary of episode 378 of Thursday April 14, 2022

Hortense is a source of tension within the Easter Brigade

Mehdi’s brigade is starting to make Easter eggs today, but Hortense isn’t there. She was to team up with Mehdi on “Galaxy Eggs”. Mehdi tries to reach her, in vain. Tom convinces him to let him and Kelly prepare them. Hortense arrives very late in the kitchen and she is not fully prepared. She explains to Mehdi that she went to the bank because she had to see her adviser. His cell phone was off. Hortense regrets that Mehdi spent his early years making the galaxy eggs when it was basically his idea. Mehdi explains to him that Tom and Kelly are very technical and that their work is clean. Then, he points out to Hortense that they weren’t late. Hortense mistakenly thinks that Mehdi is going to change Tom’s job. Mehdi reframes her sharply. He runs a squad, not his schedule.

The eggs made by Tom and Kelly are very successful. Mehdi congratulates them for their work. Hortense is on edge and Tom takes the opportunity to provoke her. Wounded, Hortense reacted quickly and left the kitchen. Worried, Mehdi goes later to check on Hortense. She accuses him of having taken advantage of the slightest mistake to exclude him from the project, when he could have waited for her before starting the production of chocolates. Mehdi explains to her that he cannot discredit himself because she is having a whim. Hortense points out to Mehdi that he has taken on a big head since chef Landiras entrusted him with the manufacture of chocolates. Mehdi tries to make him understand that as a squad leader, he must treat all members of his team the same.

The prom of the Institute

Jasmine asks Axel for a clean spatula when a waiter brings back a customer’s plate from the double A. He obviously hasn’t touched it. Axel can’t help but taste it. It is precisely a recipe invented by Jasmine and chef Listrac. Axel finds the dish delicious and asks Jasmine to show him how she prepares ravioli. The young woman is under his spell. Jasmine falls for Axel and takes Eliott and Anaïs into the confidence. She felt a connection between them. Eliott thinks she should try her luck. Jasmine wants to dress like a bombshell and offer Axel a drink. Anaïs thinks that her friend might catch a wind and advises her to start by impressing her in the kitchen. Eliott points out to Anaïs that Jasmine does not want to become Axel’s teacher but to seduce him. Jasmine admits to them that she doesn’t really want to wait and decides to go for it.

She goes back to the roommate to change. And it is in bomb mode that she joins Axel in the studio. He is just working on his ravioli. Jasmine takes the opportunity to offer him a drink, but Axel declines. He explains to Jasmine that he has a cooking encyclopedia to read for tonight. Axel has set a program and intends to stick to it. He only has 4 months left before taking the exam, and for now, he’s trying to stay focused on it.

Jasmine is disappointed, and confides in Eliott and Greg. In addition to being very handsome, Axel also has ambition. But the young woman does not want to wait for him to pass the competition to invite him back. She decides to create an opportunity to achieve her ends. Jasmine then has an idea: organize the Institute’s prom!

Icy drama at the institute

The atmosphere is tense at the Teyssiers. Théo announces to his parents that Marta was harassing Célia with the complicity of Charlène. He explains to them that he found them both in town, in an apartment that Marta rented before returning to the Institute. Charlene rebels. She explains to her father that Marta took this apartment because she did not know if there would be room at the boarding school when she returned.

Teyssier begins to doubt. He summons Marta and Charlene to his office. They have a well-established story about this famous apartment. But Teyssier is not fooled. He gives them a chance to confess the truth. Marta and Charlène deny having done anything to Célia. Teyssier warns them. If he learns that they really harassed Celia, they will both be expelled.

Marta thinks she should call her godmother to cover for her. Charlene, meanwhile, no longer wants to be involved in this story. Marta tries to convince her not to let Theo live his life with Célia. Charlene tries to make her realize that she has to stop because her brother doesn’t like her. But Marta can’t forget Theo.

For his part, Théo recognizes in front of Célia that she was right all along the line, only he did not find any proof against Marta in her apartment. He then explains to her that he dumped Marta and that this situation was no longer tenable for him because he missed her too much. Theo tells Célia that he needs her. The two lovers reconcile and kiss passionately. But Marta surprises them together and locks them in the cold room!

Taken by panic, Célia knocks on the door, without success. They have no network. Celia is scared. Meanwhile, Constance can’t reach her son as they’re about to sit down to eat. For her part, Celia is very cold. She is in Theo’s arms who is trying to warm her up. Célia and Théo declare their love for each other. Celia then loses consciousness.

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