Mask Singer: who was hiding behind the ladybug, the highly anticipated international star of this 3rd season?


The third episode of Mask Singer aired Friday April 8 on TF1. Viewers were able to find out who was behind the ladybug costume.

The suspense was at its peak. Broadcast this Friday April 8 on TF1, the second issue of the third season of Mask Singer was full of surprises. Camille Combal and the jury of investigators composed of Kev Adams, Anggun, Alessandra Sublet, and Jarry tried to find which celebrities were hiding behind the deer, the banana, the pig, the tree, the cosmonaut, the chameleon, the tigress , the crocodile, and finally: the ladybug. The latter was eagerly awaited on stage. It is in fact the international star of this new season.

Desperate Housewives star

On the side of the members of the jury of the show, the bets went well on the scene of Mask Singer concerning the identity of the ladybug. The latter hesitated between two stars of the Desperate Housewives series. Eva Longoria or Teri Hatcher… And it is finally the face of the interpreter of Susan Mayer who is revealed. On the Mask Singer stage, Teri Hatcher willingly lent herself to the game and sang Feeling Good by Nina Simone. In the 90s, it was her role as Lois Lane in the series Lois and Clark revealed her to the general public.

Amazement of internet users

Indeed, on social networks, Internet users, pleasantly surprised, praised the performance of actress Teri Hatcher. “Well they managed to surprise me, I was all about Eva Longoria”. “Favorite Ama in Desperate Housewives with Eva Longoria. Too beautiful”.

Ah my favorite in desperate housewives with Eva Longoria ud83dude0dud83dude0d too beautiful #MaskSinger

—Shine Nahomy (@NahomyShine) April 8, 2022

Well they managed to surprise me, I was all into Eva Longoria#masksinger

— ln_freestyle ud83dudc3e ud83dudc15ud83dude3a (@ln_freestyle) April 8, 2022

The identity of the tigress revealed

Convinced that it was Chantal Ladesou, the jury seemed very surprised to discover Marc Antoine Le Bret under the costume of the tigress. The impersonator deliberately led the jury and viewers on the wrong track by taking the voice of the 73-year-old actress. Viewers were also damn surprised to see the comedian. “So there frankly he fooled us all with the voice of Chantal Ladesou, great respect”. “NANNNNN!!! I can’t believe it!!”.

#masksinger NNNNNN!!! I can’t believe it!! Everyone thought it was Chantal Ladesou but it’s actually a guy! XDD Marc-Antoine Le Bret is really super strong!! Too bad we didn’t hear him sing “Chanter Les Sardines”, that would have been incredible ud83dude02ud83dude02

— Stela The Hedgehogud83cudf40 (@hedgehog_stela) April 8, 2022

Many personalities remain to be identified next week in the next issue of Mask Singer.


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