“Masterclass”, “My idol”, “A queen” … Setha (Koh-Lanta) impresses internet users after escaping with her fake immunity collar!


This Tuesday, April 12, in Koh-Lanta, The cursed totem, Alexandra, victim of Setha’s imaginary immunity necklace, quit the survival game. On Twitter, Internet users hailed the talent of the adventurer, who once again managed to save herself thanks to her little lie at the start of the adventure.

It is with impatience that the viewers of TF1 awaited the new episode of Koh-Lanta, The cursed totem. Last week, we left our red adventurers in the grip of doubt: after multiple failures during the tests, the team of François, Ambre and Louana had no other choice but to pull themselves together. By winning the immunity test, it’s done! The most important of the wins because it allows them to avoid the council. It’s the yellows’ turn to eliminate an adventurer. A difficult moment for the team led by Colin. And for good reason, since the tensions between Yannick and Olga disappeared, she is more united than ever. After many negotiations on the camp, it is finally Alexandra who had to leave the game of survival of TF1, victim of the false collar of Setha.

Setha’s imaginary necklace strikes again!

It is disappointed that the yellows return to their camp after their defeat in the immunity test. And yet, we must prepare for the council to come. Out of fear of Setha’s imaginary immunity necklace, the adventurers plan to cast their votes. In the viewfinder of some: Alexandra. Not being the most popular on the camp, she appears to be an obvious choice, especially for Nicolas. Some adventurers also see it as an opportunity to break up the trio of former blues formed by Colin, Olga and Alexandra. A golden chance for Setha to escape again. Since her debut in the adventure, the mother of the family has managed to convince (wrongly) that she had an immunity collar. A godsend for the 35-year-old graphic designer, who is regularly in danger. “I think this imaginary necklace has saved me a lot of advice already and if I didn’t have it, I would have been out for a long time!“, she recognizes. During the council, Alexandra and Setha are tied. It is the black ball that seals the fate of Alexandra, little appreciated by Internet users. The one who dreamed of going much further in the adventure comes out at the gates of reunification…

Internet users impressed

But the reign of the imaginary necklace could well end there. At the end of the council, Nicolas and Bastien did not hide their astonishment from Setha, not understanding why she had not protected herself with her immunity collar, thus avoiding the risk of being eliminated, as the adventurer told us. In any case, the participant showed that she had the makings of a great strategist. At the end of this high-tension advice, Internet users were very impressed with his mastery of the game.

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