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This Wednesday, April 13, Michel Bouquet left us. This sacred monster of theater and cinema bowed out this morning at 96 years old. With him, he took many awards, including two Césars and two Molières. A look back at 5 films that made him successful.

He knew how to handle words. Michel Bouquet, in love with beautiful texts, left today. From the interpretation of the miser on the stage, in the voice-over and without affect for the famous documentary Night and Fog going through the skin of Inspector Javert in Wretched (by Robert Hossein), Michel Bouquet has made an impression over time… To pay homage to him, the editorial staff invites you to come back to 5 films that have marked his career. All are available on VOD at SFR.

White Paws (1948)

This is one of the actor’s very first films. White Paws, directed by Jean Grémillion, highlights the young actor in his twenties. In it, Bouquet plays a young marginal named Maurice. The story takes place in a small Breton village in which two men fight to win the heart of Odette.

Borsalino (1970)

Difficult not to integrate Borsalino in this top 5. Two years after his cult The swimming pool (1968), Jacques Deray does a nice masterstroke by bringing together, this time, Jean-Paul Belmondo, Alain Delon, Michel Bouquet, Mireille Darc, Nicole Calfan and André Bollet around one of the best French gangster films. Inside, Roch Siffredi (Delon) and François Capella (Belmondo) play two criminal friends, who very quickly become the kings of the underworld in Marseille. Take advantage now of this masterpiece of French cinema, to see at least once in your life.

The Toy (1976)

In The toy, Francis Veber directs Michel Bouquet alongside Pierre Richard and Fabrice Greco. This comedy tells the story of Rambal Cochet alias Michel Bouquet, a billionaire who walks with his young son (Fabrice Greco) in order to find a present. The latter focuses his interest on François Perrin, a journalist played by Pierre Richard. The man is placed at the disposal of the little boy and becomes… his toy.

Renoir (2013)

In 2012, director Gilles Bourdos had the ingenious idea of ​​staging Michel Bouquet in the skin of Auguste Renoir. The story takes place in 1915 on the Côte d’Azur. At that time, the painter was tested by the loss of his wife and the war wounds suffered by his son, Jean. But one day, Andrée, a young girl (Christa Théret) appears in the painter’s house. It will become the last model of the artist. When Jean Renoir returns to his father for his convalescence, he falls under the spell of his father’s muse…

Villa Caprice (2020)

In Villa Caprice, Michel Bouquet does not endorse the leading role, no. Directed by Bernard Stora, this French psychological thriller stars Niels Arestrup and Patrick Bruel. In this film, Luc Germon, a famous lawyer (whose brother Michel Bouquet plays), thinks he will reach the height of his glory when he decides to defend one of the most powerful bosses in France, Gilles Fontaine, following the dubious acquisition of Villa Caprice.

And soon: Just before dark – Michel Bouquet and Secret Ceremony

On June 3, two new films with Michel Bouquet will be released. First of all Secret Ceremonya thriller with a fantastic side, but also the documentary Just before dark – Michel Bouquetin which the actor talks about the greatest works and great authors, in a hotel, isolated facing the sea. A beautiful, unexpected way to say goodbye…

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