Montpellier: two night grocery stores are subject to a two-month administrative closure


The Hérault prefecture has just issued two administrative closure orders lasting two months against two night grocery stores in Montpellier. Two sanctions which took effect on Tuesday April 12 and will continue until mid-June.

The first administrative closure concerns Epi d’Or, located at 626 rue Jacques-Bounin in the La Croix-d’Argent district. Following a check, carried out by Customs on February 28, during which illicit goods were discovered. In this case, 193 packets of cigarettes of various brands (nearly 3.9 kg), 840 g of rolling tobacco, 4.1 kg of hookah tobacco and nearly 29 liters of alcohol from Spain , intended for resale.

And this, while the establishment does not have any authorization to trade in tobacco and alcohol and that it had already been the subject of an administrative closure of one month for facts of the same nature, on November 19 2021.

Already sanctioned for the same facts

The second grocery store to have to lower its iron curtain is none other than L’As, located at number 1525 rue de Las Sorbes, Les Cévennes district. On January 27, in fact, around 9:30 p.m., a police raid led to the seizure of 14 packets of cigarettes, 6 packets of rolling tobacco of foreign origin and 110 vaporette-type cigarettes intended for resale.

Again, while the owner of the premises has no authorization to be able to sell tobacco. It should also be noted that this establishment had already been subject to such sanctions for similar facts on three occasions: June 25, 2020 (7 days), March 23, 2021 (15 days) and August 18, 2021 (a month). During this last inspection, carried out by Customs, 123 packets of cigarettes, nearly 6.4 kg of hookah tobacco and approximately 1 kg of rolling tobacco were found within the confines of the store.


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