New baby at the Belmondo! The actor’s first great-grandchild was born on a very symbolic date


The Belmondo family celebrates a big event as the family grows. And the newcomer has chosen his moment well…

Congratulations are in order for Alessandro Belmondo and Méliné Ristiguian who have just welcomed their first son, also great-grandson of Jean-Paul Belmondo whom the latter will unfortunately never know. The iconic actor of French cinema died in September 2021 and he would have celebrated his 89th birthday on April 9, 2022 if he had still been alive. It is therefore a particularly symbolic birth that the Belmondo clan will celebrate after the birth of the youngest, which took place on April 10, 2022. As is often the case today, it was on Instagram that young mother Méliné Ristiguin decided to announce the birth of her child on April 11, after having, shortly before, posted images of her still pregnant and in the maternity ward.

For their part, the parents of Alessandro Belmondo, Paul and Luana, also grabbed their phones to celebrate the good news. In a joy-filled video, the couple announce that they are delighted with the arrival of this first grandson, who, according to what is said, will be able to call his grandparents “Nona” and “Nono”. Unfortunately, the youngest of the Belmondo clan will not be the flesh-and-blood knowledge of his famous great-grandfather, who was unaware that his grandson Alessandro and his companion were expecting a child. As they had explained to Gala some time ago, “as a precaution, we respected the famous three-month rule. My grandfather was already in too poor health for me to talk to him about it in person”.

Alessandro Belmondo: “I know he’s proud of us”

Despite the promise of happiness, the Belmondo family also had to face the Jean-Paul Belmondo’s health problems, eventually dead before Alessandro then told him about his future son. Still with Gala, the actor’s grandson explains that he still wanted to talk to him about it. “After his disappearance, I went to meditate on his deathbed and that’s where I taught him that he was going to be a great-grandfather. I know he is proud of us”. On the occasion of the 89 years that Jean-Paul Belmondo could not celebrate, Alessandro Belmondo paid him a beautiful tribute with a photo of him as a child, accompanied by his father Paul and his grandfather Jean-Paul, as well as the caption: “You would have been a year older and you would have been proud to soon become a great-grandfather for the first time… I love you”.


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© Denis Guignebourg

2/12 –

John Paul Belmondo
The actor died in September 2021

© Instagram / Luana Belmondo

3/12 –

Luana and Paul Belmondo
He will never have known his great-grandson

© Instagram / Meliné Ristiguian

4/12 –

The great-grandson of Jean-Paul Belmondo
The whole family is doing well

© Instagram / Alessandro Belmondo

5/12 –

Jean Paul, Paul and Alessandro Belmondo
The parents had not wanted to announce it to Jean-Paul Belmondo

© Instagram / Alessandro Belmondo

6/12 –

Alessandro Belmondo and Meliné Ristiguian
He already had too many health problems

© Instagram / Alessandro Belmondo

7/12 –

Meline Ristiguian
The couple wanted to wait the usual “three months”

© Instagram / Alessandro Belmondo

8/12 –

Alessandro Belmondo and Meliné Ristiguian
Alessandro Belmondo and Méliné Ristiguian had their first child

© Instagram / Alessandro Belmondo

9/12 –

Meline Ristiguian
They recently made the announcement on their Instagram account

© Instagram / Alessandro Belmondo

10/12 –

Alessandro Belmondo
The whole family is happy

© Instagram / Alessandro Belmondo

11/12 –

Alessandro Belmondo and Jean-Paul Belmondo
He is the first grandson of Paul Belmondo

© Instagram / Alessandro Belmondo

12/12 –

Alessandro Belmondo and Meliné Ristiguian
Congratulations to the parents


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