Nine months later, China validates the release of 45 new video games on its territory – Actu


As Reuters reports, 45 Chinese games were given the green light to debut on online platforms on Monday, much to the relief of publishers like Gamera Games, XD Network and Yoozoo Games. By ceasing to approve any new release on the territory since last July, the Chinese government has obviously done a disservice to its local giants like Tencent Games and NetEase Games. These companies have more and more interest in investing outside of China to ensure their growth and less depend on the whims of a government which, in addition to locking the market for months, imposes very important limits on playing time for minors , while tightening the rules to be respected by creators in terms of sexuality, history and religion in their works.

Thus, faced with what has undoubtedly become the most restrictive video game market in the world, Tencent Games continues to multiply investments (Tequila Works, Remedy) and acquisitions (Turtle Rock Studios, Sumo Digital) in the rest of the world, while NetEase Games has recruited names from the Japanese video game like Goichi Suda (No More Heroes) and Toshihiro Nagoshi (Yakuza), the rumor also speaking of an offer for the French studio Quantic Dream. In 2021, Tencent Games and NetEase Games achieved a turnover of 25 billion euros and 12 billion euros respectively. Tencent Games, which benefits from international successes such as League of Legends, PUBG Mobile, Pokémon Unite, Valorant and Clash Royale, placed particular emphasis on the growth of revenues recorded outside of China (26% of the total).

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