Nolwenn Leroy becomes the laughingstock of the Web, his arrival on the set is shocking…


The Voice added a new dimension to its program for this 11th season. Indeed, a mystery coach could decide to recruit candidates who did not pass the blind audition stage. And to sit in this red armchair of the shade, it is the singer Nolwenn Leroy who took place. A unique, new and important role that the star has not taken lightly. Especially since these candidates drafted from The Voice, 4 in number, will only be two at the end of the battles. Nolwenn Leroy’s objective is therefore that the “official” coaches, namely Amel Bent, Marc Lavoine, Vianney and Florent Pagny, fight to recover them in their teams.

So much information that could suggest that fans of The Voice were only going to talk about that on the Web. Corn Objeko was not the only one to notice that Internet users decided instead to chamber the new coach of the TF1 adventure. Like our colleagues from the magazine here is, we therefore invite you to discover an anthology of the valves which fused on the Web about Nolwenn Leroy. A kind of “hazing” for the singer, who was therefore taking her first steps on the impressive set of The Voice.

Nolwenn Leroy makes a remarkable arrival on the set of The Voice

The singer made an impression on April 2, 2022! But like Objeko told you above, it’s not only because of its unprecedented role in The Voice. Indeed, it is above all his approach, when he entered the set, which made Internet users react massively. The reactions were funnier than each other. If her role was particularly well detailed by Nikos Aliagas as she entered the track, the public could not help but talk about her way of walking. Certainly stressed and moved to finally join the light of the set of The Voiceshe indeed shortened her walking time from backstage to her red chair with a surprisingly small, quick step.

And the reactions of Internet users were therefore not long in coming. The fans of The Voice teased Nolwenn Leroy like never before. Some even openly mocked his approach. Corn Objeko reminds you that all the new coaches of the TF1 show were treated to spikes from Internet users during their first appearances on set.

Finally, some messages also defended Nolwenn Leroy. Regarding his approach when he entered the set of The Voice Firstly. But also concerning his role as mystery coach on the other hand.

Massive and diverse reactions ignite the Web

Fans of Nolwenn Leroy could indeed not leave other fans of The Voice afford to tease the singer in this way. Without creating endless debates, opinions are always shared on social networks since everyone is free to express themselves, within reason.

But the real debate to which Internet users, fans of Nolwenn Leroy and fans of The Voice, will participate, relates to his unique role in the program. In effect, Objeko do not hide from you that some believe that the singer is not sufficiently highlighted by the TF1 broadcast. They don’t understand that she doesn’t stay on stage with a team of her own. This would indeed have toughened the competition like never before. But who knows? Maybe this first experience as a mystery coach of season 11 will lead to a place as official coach of The Voice for season 12?


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