Oh no, Le Flambeau is the very embodiment of the expression “pull the rope”


We laughed a lot in front of the first season of La Flamme – by and with Jonathan Cohen. But was it really necessary to make a season 2, Le Flambeau? Not sure…

April 6 floated in the air of Cannes a joyful perfume of impatience.

In front of the large Louis Lumière auditorium, famous for hosting the Cannes film festival each year, dozens of people, all in their 31s, lined up to attend the closing ceremony of Canneséries season 5 — according to us less for the announcement of the winners than for the projection of the first episodes of Torch. The proof with the thunderous applause and the delighted howls which accompanied the arrival of Jonathan Cohen in the cinema.

After the awards ceremony, part of the cast of the French parody series came to present season 2 of The flamemaking it clear that this series was the basis ” bullshit “.

A beautiful bullshit, certainly, well produced, embodied and marketed… but whose new episodes have unfortunately left us unsatisfied.

Le Flambeau, head for adventure

In season 1, already presented at the Canneséries festival in 2020, Marc wanted to find love through a dating program where women had to fight for him.

Adaptation of the series Burning Loveby Erica Oyama, The flame was a delight of precise idiocy, shaped by the expert pen of authors Florent Bernard, Jonathan Cohen and Jérémie Galan.

In this season 2, Marc finds himself this time catapulted on an island, convinced that the other participants are still there to seduce him. However, this time, there is only one objective: to survive.

Obviously our good Marc, always infernal and off the mark, is in a suit and moccasins, when all his competitors are in sportswear.

Very quickly, he realizes that the other members of the show are, for the most part, none other than his former suitors, including Anne, his nemesis, Soraya, finally alive, and Chatalere, who for the occasion also brought down the top.

The other adventurers are: a bubble child (a pretext for lots of bad taste jokes), an adventure book author, a bartender and the ex-wife of Tony Tonic.

All this little troop must be divided into two teams – one of which is led by Anne, which exasperates Marc to the highest degree – and the game can begin.

First, it is necessary to pass a first test, which consists in keeping a torch lit while carrying out a course, then comes the crucial moment of elimination.

Also, you have to succeed in starting a fire, the source of all survival on an island, but that’s without counting on Marc who throws water on the hearth, to sleep in the dark.

The Flambeau, too winded

On paper, we sign squarely for a parody of Koh Lanta moron versionwith the cast of the cream of French humorous cinema (special mention to Camille Chamoux who is decidedly excellent whatever she does).

Unfortunately, between an idea thrown on paper and a TV program, there is a world that The torch did not succeed in crossing this time.

Indeed, the beginning of the program (it is possible that it evolves for the better obviously, we are only basing ourselves on the first two episodes) pulls on the rope of the concept of its first season, in particular by keeping a lot (too many) of the initial characters.

Thus, we bring back Soraya (Adele Exarchopoulos) as a pretext for an abortive lesbian romance which we had already had enough of in the first season, we find Anne (Ana Girardot), as the antagonist of Marc, or Tony Tonic (Ramzy Bedia), who is really not the character from season 1 that we would have kept, but so be it.

Logic would have liked, given the inclinations of the creators to shape a parody of another show, that season 2 only welcomes new characters and can in fact restart on new bases, but the series persists in keeping the stakes of the first seasonby simply transferring it to a new setting.

What makes these new episodes no more and no less than fan service, the first season of The flame having been successful enough on Canal+ to acquire a real base of aficionados eager to discover the second season. We think in particular of the scenes where Marc goes after Anne (we’ve already seen it, let’s move on) and confides in the Jewish doctor – very funny but once again: scene already seen and exploited. Too bad all these repetitions.

Moreover, we had the rather unpleasant impression of see only homies kicking ass based on private jokes. This immediately confers a feeling of exteriority and crystallizes a certain rejection, on our part, for this apparent between-oneself.

In short, season 2 capitalizes on the springs that worked in season 1, instead of taking the risk of making a different season, like an anthology.

Fortunately, new characters still come to bring a little freshness to this new adventure.

Never mind, we love Jonathan Cohen and company so much, that we will still watch the season in its entirety, in May on Canal+. You too ?

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