OM-PAOK: the Greek club releases a delirious press release! – Season


If OM won against PAOK in the first leg of the Conference League (2-1), if Dimitri Payet’s goal will be remembered for at least a few decades, the deleterious atmosphere around this meeting spoil the party a bit. Especially since this is not without consequences. After the events in Marseille the day before OM-PAOKthe day with clashes which continued and jets of all kinds between the visitors’ stand and the north bend, the police chief of Bouches-du-Rhône gave an account of the situation, denouncing “violent supporters who came from Greece without the supervision promised by their club or respect for the means, times and meeting points to which all the visiting teams adhere when traveling”. She adds: “It must be recognized that in this case, 3 weeks of dialogue and written commitments from the opposing club were not enough to prevent violent and gratuitous acts, which have nothing to do with sporting fervor. report will be sent to UEFA, as feedback”.

At the beginning of the afternoon, the PAOK club responded via a press release on its site, to say the least original. The position of the team coach at a press conference, which you can find on video, had already set the bar high. But the…

Selected pieces : “After three days of truly unprecedented events in the city of Marseille, with the tolerance and responsibility of the local police, it is infuriating to read statements from the latter blaming the Greek side for this disorder. In a city where the crime rate is the highest, with a series of attacks on nearly every “visiting” supporter of Marseille’s rivals, it is ironic to say the least that the police leadership is looking for culprits elsewhere. ‘confidential information on the schedules and routes of official delegations, information which was not only leaked resulting in the attack on officials’ and team buses by assembled hooligans, but which was ultimately not used to at least protect the hotel from an organized attack.The local Police Department who stubbornly refused to honor the initial agreement for a special meeting place. ific and organized transport to and from the Velodrome for 3,500 visitors until it folded again 5 hours before the match, until then encouraging individual travel in groups of two and three in civilian clothes, through the crowds of fans of Marseilles. Their attitude and their announcements simply confirm their inability to impose order in an otherwise wonderful, but inhospitable place, with videos of all kinds of attacks confirming our words. Luckily we didn’t suffer any losses.”

It was predictable, OM supporters learned at the same time that they would be banned from traveling to Greece for the return match.



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