One month before Eurovision, Alvan & Ahez is already bringing Europe to Breton – Bretagne


Like a handover. On Wednesday, during its presentation to the press in Paris, the group Alvan & Ahez took up in Breton the refrain of “Voilà”, which had earned Barbara Pravi second place at Eurovision, in 2021.

This electro-trad formation, born in a bar in Rennes, says it is “proud” to take up the French standard on the stage of the musical show, on May 14. Marine Lavigne, Sterenn Le Guillou, Sterenn Diridollou and Alexis Morvan will perform “Fulenn”, their title entirely in Breton. A way of “bringing Breton back to the center of Europe”.

A clip on the rails

France Télévisions took the opportunity to unveil the organization of the coming weeks. A “Eurovision Minute” will be broadcast from May 2, every day at 8:40 p.m. A behind-the-scenes documentary is scheduled for May 12. The final will be presented by Stéphane Bern and Laurence Boccolini. Alexandra Redde-Amiel, director of entertainment, plans a staging inspired by the “mysterious side of this song”. A clip is on the rails. The organizers claim to have received “very good feedback” from other heads of delegations, who see “Fulenn” as the ambassador of French cultural diversity.

Alvan & Ahez cause an unexpected enthusiasm abroad. As soon as their appointment was announced, “eurofans” from all countries questioned themselves on social networks, not recognizing the language of Molière in their words. “Do the French understand Breton? asks a Greek on a specialized forum… provoking a debate on Celtic languages, fueled by Irish and Welsh eurofans. More or less approximate translations then came to inform our neighbors about the meaning of “Fulenn” (“spark” or “young woman”).

Spanish fans

The curious rushed to the Wikipedia pages devoted to the Breton language, which have since recorded unusual frequentations. The English version peaked at 5,255 views in one day.

It is in Spain, one of the five main funders of Eurovision, that Alvan & Ahez has aroused the most interest outside of France. On Youtube, a Spanish speaker roars: “I would like you to win! Show all of Europe the importance of popular customs! Do it for our Tanxugueiras! »

Tanxugueiras is a Galician trio who missed out on Eurovision, despite a massive public vote. Disappointed fans are now making it known that they will support the Bretons instead. Knowing that Tanxugueiras is also a feminist formation that mixes traditional singing and contemporary music, it was enough for Alvan & Ahez to be nicknamed the “Franxugueiras” on the other side of the Pyrenees. The comparison is probably not to displease the Bretons, whose lyricist Marine Lavigne lived in Galicia. Can this general enthusiasm fuel the votes in their favour? To have. Alvan & Ahez will have to face the Ukrainians of Kalush Orchestra, which the bookmakers give largely first, while the Breton group points this Wednesday evening to the twelfth place. Another crucial question: will the public be allowed to wave the gwenn-ha-du? No answer. In 2016, a rule prohibiting regional flags caused controversy… before finally being relaxed.


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