one star for the Dacia Jogger, five as an option with the DS 4


Second round of results for Euro NCAP in 2022, with only three vehicles rated. And the scores are mixed. What will hold the attention, it is of course the new bad note at Dacia. A few weeks after the Spring, it’s the Jogger’s turn to have only one star.

Important clarification: to rate the new family vehicle of the Romanian firm, the independent body started from the result of the Sandero Stepway, which had two stars in 2021. Euro NCAP indicates that the Jogger is very close to the city car, with the same technical basis and the same technological content. A few more tests have just been done.

The Jogger therefore has the same score as the Sandero in adult protection, i.e. 70%. For the protection of children, it is 69%, against 72% for the Sandero. For these two results, it is correct. In fact, the model is mostly weighed down by the rest, which depends on the driving assistance. However, the Jogger is voluntarily satisfied with the essentials, in relation to its price positioning. There is thus a score of only 39% for equipment and 41% for the protection of pedestrians/cyclists.

When the Spring had a star, the brand had explained to Caradisiac that it does not race for stars because it involves equipping vehicles with equipment and technologies that its customers do not wish to pay for today. Dacia recalled that its products are approved and comply with European regulations.

Given the sales of the Spring, we suspect that the Dacia customer has understood that this was not a concern. This can be more troublesome for manufacturers with a high-end positioning. And thus seeing the new DS 4 with only four stars seems more problematic. To be precise, there are two ratings for the DS 4: four stars with the standard safety equipment, five with the extended safety package. With it, emergency braking works with a radar in addition to the camera, making itself more efficient. Optional on the first levels, this equipment comes as standard in the mid-range, a stingy at this price level which therefore costs a star.

However, it is worth remembering that this will not change anything for the protection of the driver and his passengers. With both ratings, the score for adult occupants is 85%, for children it is 86%. Good results. Ditto for pedestrians and cyclists, it’s 74%. The change therefore concerns safety equipment, with 82% for the best equipped DS4, 65% for the basic version. So that’s a single difference that takes away a star. But less luxurious models, like the Volkswagen Polo, didn’t make this mistake.

Finally, the Honda HR-V also got four stars, and that’s its only overall score. If he had 82% for adults, he fishes a little on the children’s side, with only 75%, the heads of the youngest being in danger during side impacts.


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