Orange’s new Livebox 6 already keeps all its promises, total satisfaction for the first subscribers


Orange's new Livebox 6 already keeps all its promises, total satisfaction for the first subscribers

The first Livebox 6 subscribers do not hide their satisfaction on social networks. The flow measurements are up to expectations, enough to send the previous generation back to the closet.

Stability and performance, these two qualifiers can already be associated with the Orange Livebox 6 launched just a week ago. At a time when the first subscribers are installing the operator’s new baby WiFi 6E in their living room, the first speed tests are taking place on social networks. And it is clear that Orange keeps its promises in terms of speed.

On paper, the Livebox Max offer promises download speeds of up to 2Gbits/s unshared and 800 Mbits/s upload, all wired. If these are maximum speeds, many subscribers benefit from them from the first use. Even better, some customers exceed 2 Gbits/s.

If the stability of the Orange network is no longer to be presented, using the connection to the maximum of its possibilities from the outset is a real positive point to be put to the benefit of the incumbent operator. It now remains to wait for the first wireless speed tests with WiFi 6E and the contribution of the 6 GHz band. Orange announced it, there should be no loss compared to a wired connection. For the time being, some subscribers manage to obtain speeds of 700 Mbits/s in both directions.

As a reminder, the Livebox 6 has 5 Ethernet ports (only one at 2.5 Gbps, the others at 1 Gbps). Its desire is to stand out especially on wireless connectivity with the integration of WiFi 6E providing more throughput and reduced latency as much as possible. The operator also offers in its new offer up to 3 WiFi 6 repeaters, as well as a scalable 20 GB 4G Airbox. This 100% fiber offer is displayed at €34.99 for 1 year then €54.99/month, i.e. 5 euros more expensive than the Livebox 5.


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