personal data concerning more than 500,000 French people stolen

personal data concerning more than 500,000 French people stolen

Data relating to at least 510,000 French people were recently stolen from Medicare following several hacks, the National Health Insurance Fund (CNAM) announced on Thursday March 17 in a press release.

According to the organization, the e-mail addresses of several health professionals were compromised, which allowed one or more unidentified people to access at least 19 accounts on the Amelipro portal. Using automated tools, the hacker(s) then managed to suck up the data of more than 500,000 policyholders on this portal.

Among the data concerned are in particular the name, the first name, the date of birth, the sex and the Social Security number of the persons. Other data such as the declaration of the attending physician or information relating to state medical aid were also stolen, adds the CNAM.

“Contact details (email, address, telephone) and bank details, as well as data relating to any pathologies/diseases and the consumption of care, are not concerned. »

Complaint and reporting to the CNIL

The attack was detected “last weekend”details Medicare, which states that it filed a complaint Thursday, March 17, and that it warned the National Commission for Computing and Freedoms the day before.

Contacted by Agence France-Presse, the CNAM specifies that the professionals whose accounts have been compromised are “mainly pharmacists” and explains that the hackers have probably recovered their usernames and passwords “on the dark web”which allowed them to directly access or reset the accounts.

The personal data stolen by hackers can, among other things, fuel phishing campaigns, during which some people will pretend, by e-mail, to be an institution and try to steal bank identifiers, for example.

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