Pixel War: Who placed the most tiles on r/place?


news culture Pixel War: Who placed the most tiles on r/place?

We have been telling you about it for several days, the Pixel War which took place on Reddit’s r/place created the enthusiasm and passion of many Internet users. The time for reckoning has come…

As regular Reddit users return to their threads with some nostalgia for last weekend, some have fun taking stock of r/place. One of them, JordiTK even had fun count the tiles for each community.

France and Germany share the cake

If many spoke of the “confrontation” between Spanish speakers and French speakers or between the United States and France, during the r/place event, those who really followed it will know that the two countries that were vying for the most place were Germany and France. It was long thought that Germany had the most territory on the pixel web, but JordiTK came to another conclusion. This reddit user gathered the thirty communities with the largest territory, and it took him a long time, we imagine. He writes :

u/JordiTK: The top 30 communities with the most pixels in r/place, right before the canvas bleaching started. I looked at each pixel one by one for this, and my eyes are hurting.

This ranking could not be more telling: indeed, France and Germany are very far ahead of the others, with respectively 185,000 and 161,000 tiles laid. France is therefore clearly the community that has most highlighted its colors and its references. We will also highlight the collaborative work of these two communities: the famous “Franco-German couple” created European flags, a television broadcasting Arte

Pixel War: Who placed the most tiles on r/place?

From Mayan calendars to Rembrandt, there are only a few pixels

Pixel War: Who placed the most tiles on r/place?

The American strike force was not to be neglected either, arriving on the third step of the podium with a very large community and symbols recognized and appreciated throughout the world such as the Statue of Liberty or the Golden Gate Bridge. The Dutch have flattered the retina of the whole world by reproducing some of most famous pictorial works of Dutch paintingwith the Rembrandt’s Night’s Watch, Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring, Van Gogh’s Starry Night or the famous ship of the Seven Provinces. We will also note another very committed French-speaking community, Belgium which comes in seventh place, despite having a significantly smaller population than other countries behind it. The Brits and Canadians gave pride of place to flags, football clubs and ice hockey franchises, ending up in tenth and eleventh place respectively. Finally, let us quote Mexico, twelfth, which delighted our eyes with Mayan calendars and other calaveras (Mexican skulls).

Pixel War: Who placed the most tiles on r/place?

One Piece takes up more space than Star Wars

Among communities not affiliated with a particular country, the most represented is the LGBT+ community. Pop-culture is obviously not to be outdone, with One Piece which may surprise by beating the Star Wars community by 21,000 tiles, it’s impressive. On the video game side, two communities hold the helm in the top 30. In twenty-sixth position, the collaborative projects between Elden Ring and Hollow Knight fans were numerous as we told you in a previous news, allowing them to fill approximately 24,500 tiles. In the last place, let us quote the Osu community, very present on Reddit especially during this event.

Pixel War: Who placed the most tiles on r/place?

As a reminder, a atlas very complete allows you to locate all the references of r/place. We told you about it in a previous news.

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