Possible abuses committed by Ukrainian soldiers


Several videos circulating on social media since March 27, filmed by Ukrainian soldiers, show them inflicting wounds on Russian prisoners of war and executing them. In a video filmed near a hangar, soldiers shoot point-blank in the legs of three soldiers with their hands tied behind their backs, wearing the white armband identifying the Russian forces.

A second, longer video captures another incident. The scene takes place after an ambush, on a country road. Four bodies, in camouflage uniforms with white armbands, lie on the road. Pools of scarlet blood smear the asphalt. Their faces are not visible. The breathing sounds of one of the bodies attract the attention of the Ukrainian soldiers. His left arm makes a small movement. He seems unconscious and emits loud snores. His head is hidden under the collar of his jacket. We hear the voices of the winners of the fight. “He’s still fucking alive!” », swear one. Two Kalashnikov shots ring out, aimed at his chest. The humming continues. A third shot goes off, and the breathing sounds stop. The camera pans around and three faces appear, clearly identifiable.

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This second video has been authenticated by the New York Times, April 4. The scene was shot near the village of Dmitrovka, west of kyiv, not far from the town of Boutcha. In this region, hundreds of civilians were found dead after the withdrawal of Russian troops. Previously, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry reported the destruction of the Russian convoy there.

” Bad treatments “

Russian bloggers outraged by the latest incident identified the three faces visible in the video and released their identities, information widely reported in Russian media. One of the men would be part of the “Georgian Legion”, made up of volunteers fighting alongside the Ukrainians. In an interview with YouTube channel Vozdukh last week, Georgian Legion Commander Mamouka Mamoulashvili said his unit “will not[it] no more Russian military prisoners”. He justified this violation of the articles of the Geneva Convention governing the treatment of prisoners of war by ” answer “ to “Boutcha Massacre”.

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Human Rights Watch (HRW) previously reported on allegations of abuse by Ukrainian fighters against Russian prisoners of war, in a report published on March 31. Based on these same videos, the human rights NGO has expressed concern about what looks like ” bad treatments [sur] captured Russian fighters, who have the status of prisoners of war, including shooting three of them in the legs”.

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