Presidential debate: why was journalist Anne-Sophie Lapix rejected by the two candidates?


The journalist from France 2 was approached to animate the great debate between two rounds, on April 20. But neither Emmanuel Macron nor Marine Le Pen wanted it. We take stock.

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Emmanuel Macron (LREM) and Marine Le Pen (RN) do not have much in common politically but at least agree on one thing: the two qualified candidates for the second round of the 2022 presidential election refused that the journalist Anne-Sophie Lapix hosts this major electoral meeting, which has existed since 1974.

The two finalists immediately rejected the name of the holder of the 20 hours of France 2 “, slips a close to the negotiations to the newspaper Le Parisien.

“Hostile”, “offensive”…

Marine Le Pen does not want Anne-Sophie Lapix to moderate the debate because there is such a bias, and Anne-Sophie Lapix, whom I respect as a journalist, cannot hide her hostility towards vis-à-vis Marine Le Pen each time she receives it “, justified the vice-president of the National Rally Jordan Bardella in the program L’Heure des pros on C news. ” Even Emmanuel Macron does not want Anne-Sophie Lapix to present the debate “, he underlined.

Indeed, the journalist France 2 would not have been validated by the outgoing president’s campaign team either, for other reasons: the team considers his tone too “offensive” on the president’s record, to the point of refusing all requests for interviews during the presidential campaign, unlike the 11 other candidates, all of whom passed on the set of France 2.

It’s unfair and excessive replies one of his relatives. What are we accusing him of? To be too biting. She’s just doing her job! » The Parisian announces that it is finally Léa Salamé (France 2) who was preferred to host this great evening alongside Gilles Boulleau. This decision should be confirmed in the next few hours.

In 1981, Mitterrand, already…

The Public Life site lays down the conditions for the great debate between two towers. ” Presidential debates follow strict staging rules that were set during the 1981 debate: any question asked by a speaker must pass through the journalists, only mid-length shots and close-ups are used , cutting and reaction shots are prohibited, the director of the debate is supervised by two assistants chosen by each candidate. How can the two candidates then interfere in the choice of journalists who lead the debate?

It’s really nothing new. In 1974, François Mitterrand, beaten by Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, found himself bad and did not want to leave with the same team seven years later. ” What we invented in 1981 set a precedentexplained Serge Moati in 2017 to Europe 1. We went together to negotiate with the opposing camp all the rules. There was no CSA at the time, there was no high authority. »

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