Presidential: France 2 will be inspired by Disney for the results


PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION – While TF1 has chosen to sacrifice its traditional election night to broadcast Visitors, France 2 imagined a completely new device this Sunday, April 10 on the occasion of the first round of the presidential election. To energize its evening, the public service was inspired by the cinema in order to offer a real show, as you can see in our video at the top of the article.

Extended reality, way Gravity

France 2 will use extended reality (XR) for the first time on French television. Concretely, dVery high resolution screens project a scene, which moves as the camera moves, for more realism. If the name of this technology means absolutely nothing to you, know that you have probably already seen films that use it.

This is the case of Gravity in 2013, in which George Clooney plays the role of a cosmonaut aboard the ISS. In this science fiction film, the actors were positioned in a screen cube on which the scenery was projected. An alternative to the good old green funds.

It is this film and later the Disney+ series, The Mandalorian, who inspired the artistic direction of France Télévisions. “In GravityI was captivated by the special effects when the space station is destroyed and you can see the reflection of the debris in the retina of the actors”, explains to the HuffPost Arnaud Vincenti, artistic director at France Télévisions, who worked on the project.

In the case of election night, this technology will allow Anne-Sophie Lapix and Laurent Delahousse to appear face to face while the two hosts will be in two different rooms. Anne-Sophie Lapix will lead the debates between political figures on the traditional 8 p.m. set, while Laurent Delahousse will stroll through the large hall of France Télévisions to comment on and analyze the results region by region.

A device from Roland Garros and the VI Nations tournament

The other novelty is the use of a spidercam in a news broadcast. This camera installed on cables is well known to sports fans, since it is normally used for football matches, rugby matches, or during the Roland Garros tournament.

France 2 has decided to install it in its lobby for its election night in order to embed augmented reality elements in the image, such as the results of the last presidential election or the abstention rate.

For the record, this is not the first time that a device deployed for sports broadcasts is found on election night. The best-known example remains the famous motorcycle of reporter Benoît Duquesne who pursued Jacques Chirac in the streets of Paris after his victory in 1995. A device directly inspired by that of France TV on the Tour de France, which offered this sequence that has become cult, review below.

To succeed in proposing such a device, around 50 people have worked for nine months on the project, 90% of which was carried out thanks to in-house skills.

The board was designed using a metaverse. A digital universe in which the technicians and decorators have immersed themselves thanks to VR headsets to better arrange it. Again, this is a great first for the public service.

At a time when TF1 will be doing the minimum service on the election night of the first round, the work of France Télévisions is obviously noticeable. By “breaking the codes, we want to try to rejuvenate our viewers and capture a new audience”, explained Michel Dumoret, the director of the national editorial staff of France Télévisions, presenting the device for the two towers.

A fine snub to far-right candidates who demand the privatization of public service… at the very moment when it (still) fulfills its mission.

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