Presidential. Why Macron and Le Pen refuse interviews with Anne-Sophie Lapix


Debate with Emmanuel Macron, yes but not if the exchange is moderated by Anne-Sophie Lapix, the presenter of the television news of France 2 . This is essentially what Jordan Bardella, president of the National Rally, expressed on Monday April 11, 2022 on CNews. The far-right candidate therefore joins her opponent in the second round on this point. If we are to believe Emmanuel Macron’s teams, he too is not in favor of an interview conducted by the journalist.

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As the debate between the two rounds is refined, it seems that the absence of the journalist is a condition sine qua non to ensure their participation.

But then what do Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen blame Anne-Sophie Lapix? We explain to you.

Deemed “hostile” towards Marine Le Pen

Already on Monday April 4, Marine Le Pen had shunned the meeting set by Anne-Sophie Lapix on the 8 p.m. France 2 when she had to talk about her program and answer the journalist’s questions. The candidate then explained to The Express not having appreciated ” mimicry “ of the interviewer during a previous interview.

And Jordan Bardella confirmed that for the inter-round debate, “Marine Le Pen does not want Anne-Sophie Lapix to lead the debate because there is such a bias. » If he ensures to respect the presenter “as a journalist” he denounces his “hostility” vis-à-vis the candidate RN.

“Even Emmanuel Macron does not want Anne-Sophie Lapix to present the debate”concluded Jordan Bardella.

Too offensive, according to relatives of Emmanuel Macron

And if they are adversaries, the two candidates, who qualified this Sunday for the second round, both seem reluctant to find themselves on a set with the journalist.

Emmanuel Macron had also refused to be present on France 2 before the first round unlike his eleven opponents. To justify this absence, the candidate’s relatives mentioned the tone of the newspaper presented by the journalist, considered too critical and biased by the World .

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And the name of Anne-Sophie Lapix sometimes comes up in conversations to justify the tensions of the President of the Republic towards France Televisions, according to the daily. In the presidential camp, we judge the tone of the presenter too offensive. In particular with reference to an interview in March 2020 where she had interviewed Édouard Philippe, then Prime Minister.

The channel then offered the President an interview conducted by the journalist on her record, evacuated from a “no comment” from the Head of State. On the other hand, he submitted to a long interview on TF1 considering that the journalists of the first chain of Europe were more “neutral” that the competing channel, still tells The world.

“It would be easy to be kind”

In a magazine interview TV 2 WeeksAnne-Sophie Lapix judged the campaign ” odd “. She had also expressed her disappointment at not having been able to question Emmanuel Macron during the campaign. “I regret that he did not come at all to France 2, in any of our shows. I interviewed all the candidates except him. »

The presenter then testified to having already interviewed the candidate president twice during his mandate. “without feeling any animosity”.

Regarding the accusations of which she is the subject, in particular on her sharp interviews, she had reacted again: “This is my conception of the interview. It would be easy to be kind and, believe me, my life would be much simpler! But I wouldn’t feel like I was fulfilling my mission. »

We do not know if the criticism of the candidates in the second round will have weighed in the choice of France Télévisions but it would seem that it was finally Léa Salamé who was preferred to Anne-Sophie Lapix to animate the debate, according to information from our colleagues from the Parisian. If confirmed at the presentation, she will be paired with a journalist from TF1. The date for this debate is set for April 20.

Presidential. Why Macron and Le Pen refuse interviews with Anne-Sophie Lapix


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