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During a conference organized by Prime Video France, the platform announced its upcoming film and series projects. AlloCiné also met Thomas Dubois, Amazon Originals France Creative Director for Amazon Studios.


For the third edition of its Prime Video Presents event, the Amazon streaming platform unveiled its many upcoming and developing projects during a conference organized this Tuesday, April 12, 2022, in Paris. On stage, Thomas Dubois, the Amazon Originals France creative director for Amazon Studios, reveals that 11 original creations will be presented in 2022, compared to 8 in 2021 and 2 in 2020.

The platform is continuing to invest in French productions and wishes to give priority to “the power of stories”, create a “platform of expression for the purpose of entertainment with a logic of diversity and inclusion”. The director also explains that about fifteen projects are currently in development for the coming year.

The point on… the cinema

After her first film Mignonnes, the director Maïmouna Doucouré will propose, in 2022, her new film, Hawa. The story of a 15-year-old girl who, faced with the impending death of her grandmother, decides to “to be adopted by a personality she admires more than anything: one of the most powerful women in the world.” This project marks, among other things, the first steps of the singer Yseult in a cinema film.

Make way for humor with the comedy Classico by Nathanaël Guedj and Adrien Piquet-Gauthier carried by Ahmed Sylla. The film will have as its theme the world of football and will return to the rivalry between two of the biggest French clubs: Olympique de Marseille and Paris Saint-Germain. Alongside Ahmed Sylla, we will find Elie Semoun, Jean-Baptiste Maunier or even Denis Podalydès. A project expected for 2022.

A major project, Prime Video is also signing Franck Gastambide’s new film, Medellín, the story of a “young Youtuber, fascinated by Pablo Escobar, who decides to realize his dream by going to Medellín in the footsteps of the drug lord”. The co-screenwriter and director, who also directed the series Validé, specifies that the film will establish itself as one of the most ambitious action comedies ever made in France. Release planned for 2023.

Franck Gastambide in the footsteps of Pablo Escobar: after Validated, he will direct an action comedy for Amazon [EXCLU]

After the success of Bronx on Netflix, Olivier Marchal chooses Prime Video for his new detective thriller. Entitled Overdose, the film features Sofia Essaïdi, Nassim Lyes and Assaad Bouab. In 2022.

The point on… the playoffs

Nicolas Bedos partners with Prime Video for his first series: Alphonse. A six-episode comedy based on an original idea by Jean Dujardin and Nicolas Bedos. The Oscar-winning actor will play the lead role, a man tasked with fulfilling women’s desires. Charlotte Gainsbourg, Nicole Garcia and Pierre Arditi are also in the cast. Release expected in 2023.

Rapper Booba is also associated as a co-screenwriter with a new Amazon Original series, Ourika, created and written by Clément Godard, Clément Gournay and Vincent L’Anthoën. The seven-episode series recounts the confrontation between a drug dealer and a young generation cop during the Paris riots in 2005. It will be launched in 2023.

Another project, that of Killer Coaster, a curious mix between police comedy and slasher. The program is signed Nikola Lange and Thomas Mansuy, the creators of the Derby Girl series. Composed of eight 30-minute episodes, this fiction tells “the story of Sandrine Laplace, a bumbling contract worker who thinks she’s a CIA agent, and decides to investigate a mysterious accident at the local funfair.”

Finally, after Forte, comedian Melha Bedia returns to Prime Video with Miskina. She co-writes, co-directs and embodies the first role of this project focused on a young woman of 30 “without an apartment, without a job, without a guy, but with strong myopia”, who will have to wake up to make choices.

The point on… documentaries

After the success of Never show that to anyone, the documentary by singer Orelsan, the platform has revealed that new episodes of the series will be revealed during the year 2022.

Another project also, The Pogmentary, a documentary on the figure of football Paul Pogba. First images were revealed during the conference. Expected release in 2022.

Meeting with the creative director of Amazon Originals France:

HelloCine: How do you select the projects sent to you? What are you absolutely looking for in your films and series?

Thomas Dubois: We receive a lot of things at several different stages. It can be scripts, pitches, sometimes just three lines. For example, Maïmouna Doucouré’s film, she offered me three lines and nothing else. Then I decided to meet her. On a series, it can only be arches, a treatment.

Now there is a creative team working with me. We all meet, we read and we ask ourselves several questions: do these projects correspond to our editorial strategy? Can we support them in the best possible way? And finally, we have to know if we have a vision aligned with the creators. We are there to develop all these projects, we accompany them in the writing, we finance all that part.

Do you receive a lot of projects from female directors?

We need to support the directors even more because we don’t get enough of them. This is not obvious. There are initiatives that are being put in place. We have a partnership with the Culture and Diversity Foundation. There are 50% of female students in this program, we finance their scholarships so that they go to the most prestigious schools. There is a lot of work to be done on women, on people from diverse backgrounds.

For some projects, we are moving up a gear, particularly in terms of ambition.

You offer 11 original content for 2022, compared to 8 last year. What can you say about the evolution of your strategy?

The investment is greater. There are genres on which we really accelerate, those which are producible more quickly. We are releasing four films this year, compared to two last year. The flow was already well established in 2021, but we are continuing.

The series, we are launching two. Salade Grecque by Cédric Klapisch is unfortunately postponed for 2023 due to the pandemic. For some projects, we are moving up a gear, particularly in terms of ambition. This is the case of Franck Gastambide’s film.

Olivier Marchal’s film Bronx was a great success on Netflix. You will be streaming his new feature film, Overdose. How did he trust you?

Initially, it went through the Gaumont film teams, with whom we often work, especially on the Totems series. They introduced me to Olivier Marchal’s film, the treatment was excellent. I met the director and we said to each other that we were going to do it together, on the sole condition of doing better than the previous one.

Some information on a possible season 2 of Totems?

Season 2 is in development, it needs to be written. You have to know how to recreate the event around this story. Russia had an important place in this plot. There is talk of war, of nuclear bombs. There are things to think about in relation to what is happening in the news.

We are in the middle of the international launch of the first season. Espionage is a real genre, we hope it works elsewhere. You just have to find the right cursors for writing season 2.

There is a real plurality on Amazon Prime Video. Is a place for the dailies, a possible takeover of Plus belle la vie possible?

It’s not on the agenda. On one platform, anything is possible. Even if a brand could exist, could it be broadcast on a daily basis? I do not think so. We did it with Love Island, it worked, but I think there is a different expectation. We would have to be more creative on how to put it online. A daily one I don’t know, but something recurring, why not. The future will tell.

What would be your ambition for the years to come?

Continue to surprise, be where we are not expected and manage to establish ourselves over the long term with people with whom we have already worked. When we know each other, it’s great the first time, the second time it’s even better, we can go even further.

Interview by Thomas Desroches, in Paris, April 12, 2022.


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