Prince William, a younger seducer, the list of his conquests revealed.


Before marrying Kate Middleton, Prince William had many conquests. Who are his former girlfriends?

The first to fall for Prince William, Prince Harry’s brother was Davina Duckworth-Chad, his third cousin. The two met in the late 1990s. In the summer of 1999, Prince William and his girlfriend enjoyed a cruise on the Aegean Sea.

A relationship that didn’t last long, but a friendship that lasts. As proof, Davina Duckworth-Chad and the Duke attended each other’s wedding.

Prince William’s first official girlfriend: Rose Farquhar. Childhood friends, it wasn’t until their college years that they decided to move from just friends to a serious relationship.

In 2001, Lady Diana’s son met Arabella Musgrave at a party.

The idyll is however short-lived, because the young William is accepted at the university of St Andrews. The distance that separated them was too great for their love story.

A real seducer

Once at university, Prince William meets Carly Massy-Birch. Her parents confirmed the news to the Daily Mail at the time. She dated William for six or seven weeks when they started college, they said. After their breakup, Prince William dated for a time actress Isabella Calthorpe, half-sister of Cressida Bonas, who is none other than Prince Harry’s ex.

If there’s one woman who scared Kate Middleton, it’s Jecca Craig. In 2003, the crown prince spent several days in Kenya with the young woman and her family. The couple even pretended to be engaged.

Finally, before Kate Middleton made her grand entrance into the British royal family, Prince William had a relationship with Olivia Hunt. In 2007, several experts on the British monarchy claimed that the prince was with Olivia when he met Kate. His love at first sight for his future wife will be at the origin of their love story.

Prince William: this detail of his marriage to Kate Middleton which led him to clash with Elizabeth II

Before being able to say yes to the beautiful Kate Middleton, Prince William clashed with his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.

It was 11 years ago already. On April 29, 2011 in London, Prince William and Kate Middleton said yes in the majestic Westminster Abbey. It was a royal wedding worthy of a fairy tale, but it did not go without a few hiccups.

In an interview after his marriage to the Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William revealed that he had a disagreement with a very special guest: his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II. Indeed, for the ceremony, the son of Prince Charles and Lady Diana hoped to wear the costume of his choice. But the Queen disagreed.

What I really wanted to wear was the Irish Guards frock coat, he said. He joked: We discussed it many times, but growing up I learned that you don’t argue with your grandmother.

At the time, Prince William had just been appointed Colonel of the Irish Guards, one of the elite regiments of the British Royal Guard, the Guards Division. Queen Elizabeth II felt her grandson should honor his new title by wearing a red coat rather than a black frock coat. It is therefore in red that William went to the altar.

Prince William’s Little Revenge

Prince William

Anyway, the Duke of Cambridge was finally able to wear a frock coat for another major royal event: the wedding of his younger brother, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle. On May 19, 2018 at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor, Kate Middleton’s husband appeared in a frock coat of the Blues and Royals, the cavalry regiment of the British army. Prince Harry wore this costume himself, having, like his brother, joined the regiment in 2006 as a cornet.


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