production of the compact comes to a standstill


As it was preparing to leave the production lines, the Renault Megane has just been put on hold for lack of components.

The periods of partial unemployment are not completely behind us. After the confinements for health reasons, it is now the shortage of semiconductors that is undermining the automotive industry. Renault is no exception and must pause production of the Renault Megane e-Tech on which many ambitions are based.

Faced with this situation and to avoid a jagged production and unnecessary costs, the diamond brand has decided to stop the production lines at the Douai site, in the North. Obvious consequence: the 2,300 employees of the factory will be placed on partial unemployment, while the compact electric will undoubtedly be delayed.

The first copies of the electric Renault Megane will arrive next month

This temporary cut, scheduled for April 14 to 25 for the moment, should not delay the first copies. According to Renault, these will be delivered on time, with the first key handovers scheduled for May in France. The following, however, will have to be a little more desired.

So here is a new grain of sand in the mechanics of the production program of the French brand. Because in addition to this shortage, the situation in Ukraine also deprives Renault of many parts. This is one of the reasons that prompted the Cléon factory, where the electric motors are manufactured, to cut the chains last March.


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