Quinté+: Valverde attacking its first Quinté+ this Tuesday 12 April at Fontainebleau


The starters of Quinté+ for this Tuesday 12 April

1 SWEET VICTORY 9 G.BENOIST 62.0kg Y.BARBEROT (S) 42.0 €70,888
2 KIMINA 6 C.SOUMILLON 58.5kg E&G.LEENDERS (S) 38.5 €41,170
3 JUST IN LOVE 10 S.VOGT 58.5kg MF.WEISSMEIER 38.5 €38,320
4 VALVERDE 5 M.BARZALONA 58.5kg HA.PANTALL 38.5 €17,400
5 FAYONA 3 R.MANGIONE 58.0kg S.GOUYETTE (S) 38.0 €63,530
6 OUTSIDE 2 O.PESLIER 58.0kg JP.GAUVIN (S) 38.0 €41,230
7 SPARKLIA 15 Mr. GUYON 56.0kg C. LAFFON-PARIAS 36.0 €36,100
8 NOTTINGHAM 1 A. LEMAITRE 56.0kg H.BLUME 36.0 €20,485
9 ASHTANA 8 S.PASQUIER 54.5kg F. VERMEULEN (S) 34.5 €29,125
10 HENOUVILLE 13 E.HARDOUIN 53.5kg ROD.COLLET (S) 33.5 €22,990
11 GALIFA 4 T. TRULLIER 53.0kg N.CLEMENT (S) 33.0 €38,490
12 PINGO 11 C.DEMURO 53.0kg D.SMAGA 33.0 €19,200
13 SHANNA ROSE 12 F. LEFEBVRE 52.5kg MISS C.O’HALLORAN 32.5 €14,850
14 STANDBY FOR CHAOS 14 M.MICHEL 52.0kg N.CAULLERY 32.0 €41,282
15 POLLY GRAY 7 M.VELON 51.0kg MISS AS.CROMBEZ 30.5 €23,860

The forces present

Adorned with the prestigious gown Godolphin, VALVERDE (4) revealed serious means in the races with conditions. She starts in the handicaps at a quite decent value and will have the advantage of starting from stall number 5. At the end of a clear run, this daughter of Sea The Stars shouldn’t be far from the truth. Author of good beginnings in the handicaps, in Compiègne, JUST IN LOVE (3) should not delay any more being essential in this category. Regular as desired, ASHTANA (9) and GALIFA (11) will logically win many votes. Holder of two places in three attempts in Quinté+, SPARKLIA (7) should not be condemned for its recent failure. If she goes the distance, this representative Wertheimer and Brother can get involved in the fight for places. HENOUVILLE (10) signed an encouraging comeback, against the males, and finds a task a little easier on Tuesday. EXTERIEUR (6), in full possession of its means, and PINGO (12), amazing on the day of its return, cannot be forgotten at the time of choice.

Guillaume Luyckx’s prediction

4 3 9 11 7 10 6 12









The starters in detail and the opinion of the pros


Winner of a Quinté+ at the age of 3 years, in value 36, this resident of Yann Barberot found this category with six kilos more. His comeback turned out to be discreet, but this event seems quite hollow. Pros and cons.

Yann Barberot, trainer:

“Sweet Victory (1) is on its comeback race. This test will allow us to see how it has evolved. Unfortunately, it is loaded. »


This girl from goken fully revealed itself during the autumn, on very relaxed tracks. She has to prove herself at such a high value, but the rise of Christophe Soumillon will win him supporters. To monitor.

Grégoire Leenders, coach:

“Kimina (2) made a good comeback, in a field of good quality. Its value is a bit high, but it only faces females. She has been in good shape since her return. We are going to run her hidden, because she is a real filly of 1,600 meters. The soft ground does not bother her and I expect a good outing. »


This girl from Dabirsim hasn’t won since its debut, but has regularly taken places in interesting lots. Last good third, when it started in the handicaps, it seems competitive for the first places.

Sybille Vogt, jockey:

“I had won with Just in Love (3) when it debuted. She showed a lot of quality, but remains better on heavy ground. I think she could be comfortable over 2,000 meters, but her trainer prefers her over the mile. She has the quality to remove a test of this kind. »


This representative Godolphin seems very well placed in weight for his debut in the handicaps. Recent runner-up of the excellent Forest of Wisdom on the Cantilian sand, it seems to have the size of such an event. Despite her lack of experience, she looks formidable.

Henri-Alex Pantall, trainer:

“Valverde (4) has never disappointed. After his good start at Sweet whipped creamshe fell on awful ground at Bordeaux. It is regular and seems to me taken at its value. I think she will enjoy this course. »


Winner of a good quality handicap, on October 15 at Compiegnethis runner in the lead certainly has a Quinté+ in the legs. Nevertheless, she is making her reappearance and might need this race.

Stéphane Gouyette, coach:

“Fayona (5) has evolved well over the winter and has work behind her. Physically, she is very beautiful. She is ready to make a good comeback and we will aim for the Quinté+ for females during the season. I think it competitive at this value. I hope for a good comeback race. »


In three tests in the handicaps, this representative of Jean-Claude Séroul never out of the top three. In good shape, well placed in the stalls and confirmed on the grass, it has absolutely nothing against it. Good point of support.

Jean-Pierre Gauvin, coach:

“External (6) will approach a course which should suit him. She’s more of a 2,000m mare, but the flowing layout and the big straights will help her. She has remained in good shape and only meets females. It just doesn’t need sticky ground. »


This girl from the maid Gwenseb had to wait for its seventh outing to open its charts. It has never tackled such a long distance and it is clear that its room for maneuver is minimal in value 36. Despite everything, we can consider it for a place.

Carlos Laffon-Parias, coach:

“Sparklia’s last race (7) left me hungry. Still, she works well. I would have preferred 1,600 meters, but this entry is really interesting, given that the males are not in the game. »


kidding in Germany at 2 and 3 years old, this pupil ofHans Blume left rather favorable impressions for its first two outings in France. She starts in the handicaps at a decent value and has inherited rope 1. Why not?

The reporter’s opinion:

“Nottingham (8) has only run a little in Francebut has an interesting track record in Germany. Judged on its last outing, during which it did not have all its ease, it seems to be taken at a suitable handicap value. With a hidden course, she is able to get excellent result. »


This former representative Aga-Khan showed great consistency, but started over such a short distance. Correctly placed for its first steps in the handicaps, it must still be retained in good rank.

Fabrice Vermeulen, coach:

“Ashtana (9) disappointed me a lot last time. She “connects” a lot and I would like to see her more relaxed, hence this test over this distance. At this value, it is worth trying in a Quinté+. »


This girl from Rajsaman was absolutely not unworthy the day of his return, against the males. It probably does not have a margin in value 33.5, but a place seems possible thanks to some progress. Not to be underestimated.

The reporter’s opinion:

“Rodolphe Collet was satisfied with the return of Hénouville (10). He just dreads the number in the stalls and the distance, which might be a bit long. Nevertheless, he thinks that his filly is rather well placed in handicap value and that she has a regular chance. »


That crack girl frankel provided a superb finish on the day of his big handicap debut, March 22. She is shortened, but has a good base speed. Well placed in the stalls, it deserves some credit.

Nicolas Clement, coach:

“Galifa (11) ran very well last time out and recovered perfectly. The context is different, since it changes distance and surface. »

12 – PINGO

Disappointing during her first three attempts in the handicaps, this protege of David Smaga surprised by winning as soon as it reappeared. It is moving up in category, but has undoubtedly taken a step forward this winter. Interesting outsider.

David Smaga, coach:

“Pingo (12) wintered well, as evidenced by its victorious comeback. She has remained well since and maintains a regular chance despite the penalty. The return over 1,800 meters will not pose any problem for him. »


In constant progress, this representative of Philip Uzan has just opened its list with a certain style. It attacks the strongest part, but its “line” of February 5 holds the attention. It can tempt lovers of outsiders.

Coach Carla O’Halloran:

“Shann Rose (13) has the advantage of knowing the track, since she has just won there. It is competitive from 1,600 to 2,000 meters and likes soft ground. Its value is difficult to situate, but it will not have another opportunity to run a Quinté+ in these conditions. I had the idea, even before his last victory, of going to this race. »


Since last summer and her two successes in Vichy handicaps, this daughter of Morpheus faces arduous tasks. Its value has been revised downwards, but it seems insufficient to compete at this level.

Nicolas Caullery, trainer:

“Standby for Chaos (14) has no margin in this category. Besides, she overdid the blinders last time. She will be better in the second races, with three or four kilos less. We are not going to deprive ourselves of taking a place, but its task seems complicated to me. »


The only 5-year-old of the lot, this fast-moving mare failed during her two trials in the Quinté+. She’s been out since Dec. 23 and has to carry an extra pound to reach the floor weight. Not easy.

Anne-Sophie Crombez, trainer:

“Polly Gray (15) disappointed us a lot at the end of last year. We gave her a good break and she seems fine. That said, I didn’t expect to find her at all in the first round. It shouldn’t rain too much but, in any case, his mission seems extremely complicated to me. »

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