Renaud announces that he will vote for Philippe Poutou in the presidential election


The singer has announced that he will vote for the candidate of the New Anti-Capitalist Party in the first round, before voting “against Le Pen” in the second.

Renaud, long nicknamed the committed singer, said Wednesday that he would vote for Philippe Poutou in the first round of the presidential election, in a campaign where the big names in song are discreet, unlike the 1980s.

“Of course, I’m going to vote, I’m not from the camp of abstentionists. I’m going to vote (in) the first round to choose a candidate, the second to eliminate one, a (candidate / candidate)”, first confides the artist on RTL.

In the first round, Renaud, who will be released on May 6 metic, album of covers, will vote for the “candidate on the far left, almost an ‘anar’, Philippe Poutou (NPA)”. In the second round, the interpreter of winner Mistral will vote “against, not for, against Le Pen, I encourage all young people to vote”.

80’s tradition

In 1988, by signing the rostrum Uncle, don’t leave concrete, Renaud participated in the “Tonton-mania”, a movement in favor of the re-election of François Mitterrand. The same year, in his song Socialistwe heard “I was nothing at all, anarcho-mitterrandist / I don’t even know if it exists, but it excites me”.

In the 1980s, leading singers did not hesitate to appear such as France Gall, Charles Trénet, Jacques Higelin or Barbara for Mitterrand. We also remember Johnny with his “Giscard à la barre” t-shirt, then at the meetings of Jacques Chirac or Nicolas Sarkozy.

Few have stepped up to the plate for the 2022 presidential campaign. Jacques Dutronc declares on RTL to choose Fabien Roussel for the first round, in his inimitable style.

“I made a proxy but I know the people there (in Corsica, where he lives) well and they are not going to vote what I asked for, that is to say the Roussellement (term of the candidate PCF, Ed)”, he laughs. Bernard Lavilliers also declared himself “close” to Fabien Roussel in “La Marseillaise”.

The exception of rap

During the meetings, few well-known singers showed up, with the exception of the rap group Ärsenik or the singer Yael Naim during a gathering of Yannick Jadot at the Zénith de Paris.

Renowned rappers, on the other hand, have relayed in their songs the fear of a fractured France as the presidential election approaches. OrelSan hit hard at the end of 2021 with his single The smell of gasolineunstoppable tackle to the polemical/extremism/extremism cocktail served in certain debates.

For their big comeback, the duo Bigflo & Oli have just released a song, Holy shit, a hymn to living together in a cosmopolitan country. “All that’s certain is that I’m French, that my grandparents weren’t / But what matters is the finish or the start line?”, they intone. Or, “In the grimoire, there are the Gauls, there are the knights / But in the kitchen, there is my grandmother and her erased Berber tattoos”.

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