Road safety: What is the Lidl motorcycle helmet worth back on the shelves this week?


Accustomed to operations on products at bargain prices, Lidl is putting its motorcycle helmet back on sale this Monday, April 11. Success guaranteed. But what about security?

Back on Lidl’s shelves, the 59.90 euro motorcycle helmet is a hit and there shouldn’t be many left in the next few days.

In addition to the helmet, the promotional operation includes essential accessories for motorcycle safety: a pair of gloves in different sizes and a saddle bag.

Black, modular, available in different sizes, the helmet is the centerpiece of the promo of the week. On the safety side, it is ensured by an outer shell in Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. The reinforcement is made of expanded polystyrene foam. The inner lining is made of polyester with CoolMax inserts and antibacterial treatment.

On sale for several years, the helmet has had time to be tested. In 2019, Belgian television RTBF asked an independent body to test the resistance of the headphones. “The results at the end of the four tests that we conducted are equivalent to those of helmets costing ten times more”, noted the spokesperson for the Vias Institute.

YouTubers have also tested the merchandise and there too, the verdict is flattering. “For 60 euros, it’s rather a good deal”, concludes Lunaris2142 on his channel “We test everything”. “Apart from the rough aspect of its mechanism, there is not much to reproach this helmet for except its weight”.

Question security, Lidl ensures that it has been tested according to the European standard ECE-R 22.05. Lidl, which also displays very positive opinions from its customers on its website.


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