Ronaldinho’s confessions on Barça de Xavi!


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In the memory of the Culés, Ronaldinho will always occupy a special place. And for good reason. Under Catalan colors between 2003 and 2008, El Gaucho never ceased to raise the crowds present at the Camp Nou, winning two La Liga titles and a Champions League in 2006, the year he also triumphed at the Ballon d’Or. . Great craftsman of Barcelona’s revival at that time, the former Seleção international (97 caps, 33 goals) distinguished himself, weekend after weekend, by his impressive technical qualities, his overflowing sympathy and his enormous charisma. Fantastic goals, disconcerting power and masterful assists making him a living legend in Catalonia. Back at the club, the native of Porto Alegre, now 42, then took the opportunity to deliver his feelings on the current Barça.

Now led by Xavi Hernández, a good friend and former teammate of Ronnie, FC Barcelona continues its revival after a completely failed start to the season. Third in the Spanish championship after the victory of Sevilla FC at the start of the 31st day, the Blaugranas will also have the possibility of regaining second place in the event of victory at Levante, this Sunday at 9 p.m. Always optimistic, Ronaldinho has also assured that a return of the Catalans on the Madrid leader was always possible, despite the 15 points which currently separate the two rivals (Barça has two games behind).

Ronaldinho still believes in the title for Barça!

“I hope so and as an amateur I can’t wait for things to go well and I think a comeback is possible”first said the former AC Milan player in comments relayed by Mundo Deportivo. A crazy ambition that the interested party has already achieved with Barça. During his first year at the club, Ronaldinho and his family had indeed passed this same Real Madrid on the wire to finally triumph at the end of the season. Happy to return to Barcelona where he concedes to reconnect with “wonderful memories”, the former attacking midfielder also spoke about the level of play found in Barça, undefeated in their last fourteen matches. And for him, Xavi is the main culprit.

“I watched Barca well with Xavi, who came back and brought us excitement. As a friend and ex-partner that he is, it excites people and me too. So today I want to watch Barca again. Him, when he played, already had a vision of the game as a coach. He guided the game and I see it very well because it makes us want to see Barça matches again. As I said, we are delighted that Barça are playing well again and I think that everything is possible for this end of the season.. Confident in the abilities of his former club has made a historic comeback, Ronnie however rejected the idea of ​​one day joining the Barcelona staff or even taking on the role of coach one day.

“I never imagined it because I don’t think I have the patience (laughs). I am very happy with what I do, schools for children. Football has given me a lot and I try to help so that young people, children, can also achieve their dream.”, thus recognized the Brazilian before concluding on a memory of size: his first goal scored under the colors of Barcelona. At that time, seismographs in Barcelona had even detected that when he scored, the fruit of the celebration had caused a small earthquake around the enclosure. For the greatest pride of the person concerned: “this goal is impossible to forget, it’s a joke that I always make with my friends but I tell them that I caused an earthquake (laughs)”.


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