Royal quotes Mitterrand to denounce the “dwarfs” who eliminated Mélenchon


PRESIDENTIAL 2022 – Jean-Luc Mélenchon missed by a short head this Sunday April 10 the march of the second round despite the mobilization of the “useful vote”, his third failure in the presidential election.

However, with a better score -22%- than in 2017 which reinforces the central role on the left of La France insoumise.

But for some political figures, like Ségolène Royal, this third place results in a wasted opportunity because of the other candidates from the left in the first round.

“Jean Luc Mélenchon honored fine politics through his campaign and his speech. Jadot, Roussel, Hidalgo, below 5% call for a barrage at MLP? They could do it by the union by withdrawing”, regretted Ségolène Royal on Twitter, before driving the point home: “Shame on them, on their ego. ‘Dwarfs’ would have said François Mitterrand.”

“Tonight, they take on an extremely heavy responsibility”

“This situation could perfectly have been avoided, since when we see the partners of the left, the ecologists, the communist party and the socialist party who all make less than 5%, when we add their votes, that makes 9%, it that is to say that if the useful vote and if these candidates had withdrawn as they should have done to respond to the aspiration, to the unity of the electorate on the left, Jean-Luc Mélenchon would be in the second round and it would be good for France”, developed during the election night on TF1 the socialist candidate for the presidency of 2007.

“They were wrong to maintain it (their candidacy)”, chained Ségolène Royal on TF1. “I said it, I say it again, and tonight they are taking on an extremely heavy responsibility, because we would have had a real second-round debate and above all because Emmanuel Macron would have been obliged this time to take into account in its action and in its program (from the left), since it already had the voices of the left five years ago.”

“And then the five-year term drifted all the same to the right, towards ultraliberalism, and therefore there, it will be necessary, because it will be worth this second round, it is not won, it will therefore be necessary that it integrates educational justice, climate justice, social justice, economic justice so that left-wing voters come to vote, which is not acquired”, warned the socialist again.

Anne Hidalgo’s catastrophic score promises to have serious consequences for the PS. Immediately, voices, including that of Stéphane Le Foll and Julien Dray were raised to demand a renewal within the party, the former minister of François Hollande castigating the absence of “self-criticism” of certain members of the Hidalgo campaign.

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