Saint-Etienne live: Lorient returns the Greens and takes the lead!


And second yellow for Neyou, expelled!

Neyou sees red after this late intervention on Enzo Le Fée.

Entry in the 62nd, first yellow card in the 68th and expelled in the 69th…

Yellow for Neyou

The ASSE player stops the Hake attack and logically receives a yellow card!


Moffi sends Koné ahead of Bernardoni who fails to win his duel! Lorient leads 4-2 and makes the break. All this while the Bretons were led 2-0 …


He is in great shape! Great collective opportunity concluded with a marvel of flat foot from the middle of Lorient! 3-2!

Lorient takes the lead and completely turns the Greens around!

Bouanga close to 3-2!

The Stéphanois will-o’-the-wisp goes inside and tries his luck. His shot goes just above the Lorient goals. It was very well done!

Bernardoni again!

The tricolor goalkeeper comes out of his penalty area to intercept a new pass from Le Fée for Lauriente.

Nordin does not frame his strike!

Super effort from Adil Aouchiche on the left side who finds Nordin on a cross. The Greens striker fails to frame his shot.

Attentive Bernardoni

The Green goalkeeper is attentive and comes out at the right time to intercept Kone’s through pass for Lauriente.

Enzo Le Fee continues to put on a show!

Big bridge, feint strike… in short, another number from Enzo Le Fee on the left side of the Breton attack.

Lorient pushes and starts again on the same bases as in the first half.

Here we go again !

Start of the second act at the Moustoir stadium between Lorient and ASSE! For the moment, this draw does not suit the two teams in this race for maintenance.

The stat that scares the people of Lorient!

14 openers conceded: since the start of the season, the Lorient people have never won a match by conceding the first goal of the game. The Greens scored first…


What a treat so far! At the end of a prolific and very lively match, Lorient and the Vertys return to the locker room back to back!


Koné equalizes! What a game ! On a perfect cross from Mendes, Koné has Bernardoni and puts the two teams equal! Goals, goals and more goals!


Hope is reborn at Moustoir thanks to Moffi who scores this penalty! 1-2!


Yellow card for Kolo following this control in the middle of the race of Mendes. A magnificent control which prevents the captain of the Greens from intervening legally.

Le Fee strike!

Le Fee tries his luck at the edge of the area but his shot goes a few meters to the left of Bernardoni’s goal. The Lorient midfielder was however in a good position to frame his strike.


Still no goal for Lorient and Bernardoni has something to do with it! Nice parade on this free kick from Laurente!

Yellow for Nade

Lack of Nade at the entrance to the area and here is Lauriente who will try his luck on a very well placed free kick!

The defense clears the danger

The Greens remain attentive and ward off the danger!

Free kick for Lorient!

The Lorient get a good free kick after a foul by Kolo on Le Fee! Enough to bring danger into the opposing penalty area.

Lorient grows!

The Lorient people have been dictating the game for a few minutes. The Bretons take control and try to reduce the score quickly!

What a failure of Moffi!

Incredible ! Mendes plays with two defenders, passes the leather to Moffi in the penalty area who completely misses his shot. Out of scope! The recessed center was perfect!

Yellow for Le Fee for simulation

Feint strike, small point and simulation… Here is the recital of Enzo Le Fee who scoops the first rusk on the Breton side.

Huge opportunity for Lorient!

As on the canceled goal a few minutes ago, Enzo Le Fee serves on a plateau Ibrahima Koné. Unfortunately for them, Bernardoni responds and wins his duel!

The corner gives nothing…

Nade’s head is far too short to beat the Breton goalkeeper.

The Greens are pushing!

Laporte against an attempt by Bouanga and the Greens will be able to try to bring danger on a corner!


Second goal for ASSE! Arnaud Nordin dribbles two players and finds a mouse hole on the right side of Dreyer’s goal! The Greens lead 2-0!

Goal cancelled!

Offside confirmed and the ASS remains in front!

VAR in progress

The linesman raised his flag for a potential offside!

Lorient equalizes!

Magnificent breakthrough by Enzo Le Fee who slips the ball to Ibrahima Koné. The Lorient striker won his duel and tied the two teams!

Yellow for Mangala

First card of the meeting, it is for Mangala

Bouanga tries to recover

He is in great shape, the striker of the Greens, who relies on Boudebouz to try a shot from a tight angle

It’s heating up on Bernardoni’s goal!

Nice intervention from the Saint-Etienne goalkeeper after some wanderings of his defense on a set piece, namely a free kick from Laurienté. Behind, it’s pushed back for a corner… which gives nothing

Stephanois goal!!!!

Moustoir whistles for Bouanga’s opener! The 7th of the season for the Greens striker. A headed goal from a Kolo cross

Let’s go !

Kick-off at the Moustoir stadium between Lorient and ASSE on behalf of the 31st day of Ligue 1!

14 openers conceded…

Since the start of the season, the Lorient people have never won a match by conceding the first goal of the game. A possible opening of the score of the Greens could therefore be a very bad sign for the Bretons.

Crivelli injured in warm-up and replaced by Nordin

Already a blow for the Greens

Fire atmosphere!

The atmosphere is rising at the Stade du Moustoir! Nearly 18,000 spectators made the trip.

Keeping in mind

It is a game of fear which awaits the players of Lorient and ASSE! After having known the bottom of the bottom of the classification of the French elite, the two teams have just managed to get their heads out of the water. It remains to be seen which of the two teams will take a big step towards maintaining this evening.

The composition of Lorient

Dreyer – Mendes, Laporte, Pétrot, Le Goff – Laurienté, Abergel, Monconduit, Le Fée – Moffi, Koné

The composition of ASSE

Bernardoni – Moukoudi, Mangala, Nadé – Thioub, Gourna, Boudebouz, Kolodziejczak – Boudebouz Aouchiche, Bouanga, Crivelli.

Dupraz talks about Camara’s sidelining

Camara is still left out of the group for being involved in a fight with a young player. But he will be reinstated on Monday, as Dupraz explained at a press conference.

Kick off at 9 p.m.

Start of the 31st day of Ligue 1 with an ultra important match in the race to maintain between Lorient and Saint-Etienne. And it starts at 9 p.m.


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