SALTO: 8 cult films not to be missed on the SVOD service made in France


news culture SALTO: 8 cult films not to be missed on the SVOD service made in France

French television groups launched a subscription streaming service in 2019. In order to compete with the giants Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video, Salto offers us many French films, but not only. We invite you to discover or (re)discover 10 cult works on Salto.


  • birdman
  • Drive
  • Gladiator
  • Severe
  • hate
  • The escapees
  • shining
  • Slumdog Millionaire


birdman is a comedy-drama released in 2014 and directed by Alejandro G. Iñarritu, the producer awarded with 4 Oscars and responsible for the film The Revenant (2015). Riggan Thomson is a very famous actor, well, that was before he let go of his character, a superhero adored by the public. Regretting his past glory, Riggan is utterly alienated from his role to the point of imagining he can still move objects by thought. To get rid of this madness, the actor wants to put on an ambitious play in a big theater on Broadway. Our former superhero will have to face all his demons if he wants to return to the front of the stage.

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Ryan Gosling becomes the Driver in the thriller Drive released in 2011. At the head of the project, we find Nicolas Winding Refn, responsible for the films The Neon Demon and Only God Forgives. The Driver is a real driver. Stuntman during the day, he transforms into a private driver for mafiosos as soon as night falls. While driving quietly, the latter realizes that he is personally involved in a heist that has gone wrong. Then begins a huge manhunt for our driver who seeks revenge on those who betrayed him.

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Salto invites you to (re)discover Gladiator, a peplum released in 2000 and overseen by Ridley Scott himself (Alone on Mars, Blade Runner, Alien, etc.). Russell Crowe here becomes Maximus, a Roman general close to power. Following the mysterious death of the Emperor Marcus Aurelius, the latter’s son summons Maximus to join his ranks, but the Roman general refuses. Commodus then orders his execution. Against all odds, Maximus manages to escape. Unfortunately, in the meantime, his family was massacred. Recovered at the point of death by slave traders, he becomes by force of circumstance a gladiator.

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Severe is a Franco-Belgian film released in 2016 and directed by Julia Ducournau (Titane, Junior). The feature film focuses on 16-year-old Justine, who grew up from birth in a family of animal-loving veterinarians to the point of all being vegetarians. It is now the big departure for Justine. A veritable initiation rite, the young girl must leave the family home to join the veterinary school where her sister is already educated. As soon as she arrives, her comrades force her to eat raw meat. Justine then discovers her true nature.

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French director Mathieu Kassovitz offers us the dramatic film hate in 1995. The action takes place in the city of Les Muguets in the Paris region. A commissioner is accused of murdering the young Abdel Ichaha who is currently in an artificial coma. Riots break out all around the city and the youngsters are really angry. We follow a trio of young people residing in the city: Vinz who absolutely wants to avenge Abdel, Hubert who only thinks of leaving the city and finally Saïd who plays the role of mediator between his two friends.

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The escapees

We now fall on the prison space with The escapees released in 1994 and directed by Frank Darabont (The Green Line, The Walking Dead). Adapted from the eponymous novel by Stephen King, Les évadés makes us live the miserable existence of Andy Dufresne. This young banker is accused of the murder of his wife and her lover, which leads him to be sentenced to life imprisonment. It’s 1947, and Andy is in the most secure prison in the state of Maine. In these conditions, he meets Red, a disillusioned prisoner who has already been locked up for more than twenty years. Thus begins a great story of friendship between the two men.


One of the cinematographic monuments of horror is available on Salto. Stanley Kubrick offers us the adaptation of a novel by Stephen King, the aptly named shining. Released in 1980, this horrifying feature film takes us through the terrible existence of the Torrance family. The father of the family, Jack, is a writer lacking in inspiration who is hired as a caretaker in a hotel lost in the middle of the mountains throughout the winter. Desperate, he becomes more and more disturbing which does not fail to alarm his wife and son. Alone in this gigantic hotel, Jack loses his mind to the point of endangering his own family.

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Slumdog Millionaire

We end this selection in style with the film Slumdog Millionaire. This feature-length drama is directed by Danny Boyle (127 Hours) and Loveleen Tandan (The New World), and is adapted from the writings of Vikas Swarup. Jamal Malik (played by Dev Patel) is a young man from the Juhu slums. One day, he decides to sign up for the Indian equivalent of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. Everything is going well for him, Jamal strings together the right answers and approaches the colossal sum of 20 million rupees. At a victory response, Jamal gets arrested by the police, as he is suspected of having cheated. Our innocent must then justify all his answers in front of the police.

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