Serial harassment in the museums of the city of Paris – Liberation



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Homophobic or misogynistic remarks, moral and sexist harassment, assaults… Several months after the letter from a collective of temporary workers from the Museum of Modern Art of the City of Paris alerting of a deleterious climate, “Liberation” investigated and discovered actions similar in six of the fourteen establishments managed by Paris Musées, such as the Petit Palais or the Palais Galliera.

“You’re exactly the right height, I just have to take your head and…poof!” ; “look at the bumper, she’s for you man” ; “that one, from behind, it looks like a man, it has no curves”. In the summer of 2021, a collective of temporary workers, exasperated by the ambient sexism and the remarks of which they and the visitors are the targets, formed at the Museum of Modern Art of the City of Paris (MAMVP). In a letter sent to the management of their establishment but also to Paris Musées, the public administration which has brought together the capital’s museums since 2013, the group of precarious workers denounces “cases of misogyny, sexism, racism, homophobia and sexual harassment” taking place “on a daily basis, even in front of the public”.

Six civil servants are singled out there, and the acts reported, described with precision – such as this fellatio mimicked by a civil servant to a contractor. But neither this letter, nor the multiple interviews with their superiors, and not even the intervention of Alice Coffin, councilor of Paris and member of the board of directors of Paris Musées, with the director general of the institution Anne-Sophie de Gasquet, who arrived in office in March 2021, have not been followed by concrete action. On the contrary, the temporary workers, some of whom say they had the feeling of “have to do pedagogy on what harassment is”, d…



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