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Celine Dion: Celine Dion’s health has been of great concern to her fans lately. For good reason, the singer is suffering from a disease which notably prevents her from going on stage. Hence the cancellation of his tours. However, on Friday April 8, 2022, on Instagram, it was with joy that they saw their idol again in a committed video.

A call for peace

Currently, war continues to rage in Ukraine. In the media and on social networks, images of bombardments and completely destroyed cities reflect the atrocities of this conflict.

Moreover, according to a survey by the HCE (High Commission for Refugees), the number of Ukrainian civilians – mainly women and children – who have left the country since the invasion of the Russian army on February 24, 2022, has sadly exceeded the 4 million mark.

Faced with this alarming situation, a huge outpouring of solidarity is being organized around the world. Moreover, to support the movement Stand Up for Ukrainea large gathering took place on the Web on April 8.

Organized by Global Citizen with the aim of obtaining maximum funds to help Ukrainians, many celebrities also took part. Among them, we can cite Madonna, Sir Elton John, The Weekend and of course Celine Dion.

Source: Instagram screenshot

Visibly affected by this war and the resulting consequences, the famous Quebec diva stormed her Instagram account to show her support for the Ukrainian people.

In her speech, the singer mainly addressed world leaders, urging them to take action to help all those who are unfortunately forced to leave their homes.

“(…) We need to make sure they get the support they desperately need now,” she captioned her video which currently has over 1 million views.

His audience is thrilled

Facing the camera, the widow of René Angélil appeared for the first time in several days, her hair slicked back, highlighting the pretty curves of her face, soberly made up. In short, as always, the singer with millions of records sold in the world was simply lovely.

And beyond her message, there is no doubt that seeing her again also delighted her fans. In the comments of his publication, the latter did not hesitate to show their joy.

“What a joy to see you again”, “The Queen is back”, “We missed you so much”, “Oh my god, I am so happy to see my star again, we love you Céline”, “Thank you for your support Celine”, ” She is back. So happy to see she’s fine, even though she looks tired », « What a relief to see you again Céline, the wait has been long “, can we read in particular.

Source: Twitter screenshot

It goes without saying that all these words of love warmed the heart of the main concerned. Especially since lately, she hasn’t been in her best shape. But what exactly is she suffering from?

Confessions about his illness

Cancer, Alzheimer’s, burn-out… the interpreter of For you to love me again was subject to much speculation about her health after she disappeared from the radar for some time. And the shots where she appeared very thin obviously did not help matters, further fueling the rumors that were already going strong.

In order to lift the veil on his illness, some of his relatives came out of silence. In the columns of the newspaper Le Parisien, one of them notably confided that for a long time, the mother of René-Charles, Eddy and Nelson Angelil has suffered from a digestive problem which leads to muscle spasms and weight loss.

Still according to the source, this disease is not very serious. However, although it does not require an operation, it nevertheless requires “a long medical treatment and a draconian diet.” »

During an interview, the English actor Sam Heughan, his co-star in the romantic comedy Text For You, also gave more reassuring news about the singer. According to her, Céline, who made her acting debut, is incredible, “really gifted and very funny”.

The acting is good but his recognizable voice among so many others is certainly missed by his admirers. Can’t wait for his return to the stage!

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