Shortage of microchips could last two years


The current shortage of chips, which forces vehicle, smartphone, computer and game console manufacturers to produce less, is likely to persist. While chipmakers would like to be able to increase their production capacities to meet demand, they are now facing a shortage of the machines needed to manufacture these chips, reports the site the Asian media Nikkei relayed by Presse-Citron.

According to our colleagues, some manufacturers of tools dedicated to the design of these chips have already warned their customers that delivery times could well be extended to 18 months for certain machines. The reason ? A “shortage in everything”, be it electronic modules, lenses, pumps, valves or microcontrollers.

A shortage of chips that could last two years

Since 2021, the delivery times for these machines had been extended to 12 months, but here they will be extended by another six months, which should logically delay the start-up of new chip manufacturing factories.

“According to our visits to suppliers, the shortage of components for them is further deteriorating and may only start to improve in the second half of 2022,” said Liu Chi-tung, the chief financial officer of UMC, the world’s No. chip manufacturers. According to some industry experts, the chip shortage could last for two years.


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