Soprano in the middle of a nightmare and weakened after his concert at the Stade de France.


Soprano is an artist known throughout France. But he seems to be in bad shape after some bad news!

Indeed, Soprano has now become a reference in the world of French music. He is also a mainstay for many young artists who draw inspiration from his career and work.

The crazy career of Soprano!

As such, you should know that Soprano became known in the early 2000s, in particular thanks to many songs.

These songs are offered in a rap style, which brings a new wave in French music and also the birth of many French rappers.

Gradually evolving towards more flexible and freer musical styles in terms of melody, Soprano became a pillar of pop music. As well as in all the styles that come close to it. He did many tours, but they didn’t go as planned. In particular, recently, at the Stade de France, where it seems to be at its worst.

Soprano at the top?

He is an artist who has been able to fill many concert halls and cover many events. Indeed, over the years, he has managed to establish himself in many musical styles.

But he has also built a reputation for being a humble and straightforward person over the years.

Soprano is also a person who has built a reputation with those around him. He remains very professional in many areas, and knows how to let go when necessary.

Aware that he represents great values ​​for his fans, he is also involved in various global and French causes. Many of his songs deal with more or less sensitive subjects. Whether it’s tragic events, societal movements or the emergence of technology in our society, he brought many messages.

But you should know that the Soprano singer is an artist who knows how to satisfy his fans. With over 1.6 million followers on Instagram, he knows he has to get important messages across. But he also knows how to bring them entertainment, while making big announcements.

Indeed, he makes announcements about the release of new songs and new albums on his social networks. But he also announced tours and concerts through it, in order to keep his entire community informed. Recently, he was supposed to perform at the Stade de France, but it didn’t go as planned!

The singer at his worst…

It is an event which the young singer Soprano did not expect. And the latter is in the worst shape of his life because of this huge problem!

Indeed, he had planned a concert on July 6, 2022 at the Stade de France, but this had to be postponed. It was on the social network Twitter that he made the terrible announcement to his fans.

He said: We have been looking for a solution for months but the works around the Stade de France prevent us from meeting in the best conditions. For security reasons, the Stade de France can accommodate a maximum of 50,000 people and we have already sold more than 50,000 tickets. The public should also evacuate at 10:30 p.m. but we have a two-hour concert that we have already prepared.


Before adding his personal opinion: I’m a little disappointed but it’s about taking a step back to take a bigger leap. So that we can have a good party at the Stade de France. It’s not every day that we do it, so I hope you’ll be there.


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