‘Stand Up for Ukraine’ campaign raises 10.1 billion euros


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A global donor conference organized by the European Union and Canada was held in Warsaw this Saturday, April 9, at the end of the “Stand Up for Ukraine” campaign to support displaced persons and refugees from Ukraine. More than 10 billion euros have been raised.

After several days of campaigning on social networks to raise funds from governments and businesses in particular, the head of the European executive Ursula von der Leyen announced at the end of the world donors’ conference the amount raised: 10.1 billion euros, including 1 billion from the European Commission.

A little earlier, the official had sent a message of support to the Ukrainians, reports our correspondent in Warsaw, Sarah Bakaloglou. ” We are at your side, in these times of war, at the side of the refugees, but above all, once the war has been won by Ukraine, when it will be necessary to rebuild the country. So our motto is really: ‘Slava Ukraini’”, she launched.

Belgium, Slovakia, Sweden, Qatar or even Spain… During the conference, video messages from international leaders were shown, announcing additional aid for Ukraine. But we have to go further, urged Arina Bilai, a 16-year-old Ukrainian refugee and activist, when asked to speak: We must not only get down to making structural decisions about how to deal with the consequences of war; we must also attack the roots, and this is based on the purchase of Russian fossil fuels. You are fueling this war, Europe is fueling this war! »

A call heard by Ursula von der Leyen. ” You are right “, she replied, we must free ourselves from dependence on Russian fossil fuels. During this conference, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky also called for an embargo on Russian oil and more sanctions.

More than 7 billion euros for refugees

The 10 billion euros in donations collected will first help the approximately 4.3 million Ukrainian refugees who have arrived in Europe, details our correspondent in Brussels, Jean-Jacques Hery. More than 7 billion euros will be devoted to meeting their immediate needs: providing them with food, shelter and guaranteeing their access to medical care, schools for children and the job market. This will relieve the countries on the front line to welcome them.

Nearly two billion euros – 1.8 to be exact – are intended to support the seven million internally displaced persons with financial or in-kind donations: medicines, tents, emergency blankets, made by individuals or companies and which will be mainly transported by the UN and its logistical means under the coordination of the European Commission.

Government contributions will be paid directly to the Ukrainian authorities, which will then distribute them at central or local level according to local needs. Finally, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is taking part in fundraising with an additional loan of one billion euros.



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