the astonishing request made by the management to its customers


The discount giant Lidl is not going to make its customers happy with this request made in one of its stores in Lyon.

This is bad news that will affect customers of Lidl stores in Lyon. Indeed, on the storefronts of the signs, the respective directions have left a note which should considerably change the shopping list of its regulars. A situation that was provoked by the reality in Ukraine.

Lidl’s request to its customers

For the past few days, users of Lidl Lyonnais have had to deal with a major problem. As they went to their favorite stores, they were surprised to see a sheet posted on the front doors. “We are currently encountering supply difficulties on several of our products. Also, in order to satisfy all of our customers, we ask that you please limit your purchases”. The war in Ukraine unfortunately had an impact on the consumption possibilities of the German brand’s customers. But what products are we talking about?

Mainly sunflower oil

If for the time being there is no question of shortagethe words “rationing” and “limit” are present at the beginning of April. For Lidl in the Lyon region, customers can now only take four 0.75 l bottles organic sunflower oilthree one-liter bottles of sunflower oil as well as mixtures of several oils, such as the one used for cooking the famous fries and even rapeseed oil as reported by our colleagues from Actu Lyon. These deniers specify via a press release of lidl that it is not an obligation but an invitation pushed so that each customer finds himself there.

The war in Ukraine has brought one thing to light. The country and Russia both produce close to 75% of the world’s sunflower oil. If in the next few weeks, no consequences are to be expected, there could be repercussions on your end-of-year shopping.

Subsequently displayed in all Lidl stores in France, the poster of the discount brand tries to avoid over-purchasing phenomena to deal with a possible shortage.


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