The Bad Guys and Inexorable best films of the week? – Cinema news


To help you make your choices, here are the 3 films of the week best rated by the press and spectators on AlloCiné!*


1st: Tales of chance and other fantasies – 4.4/5

“The “Tales of Chance” unfold in all their majesty in a rich, sensual and endearing work.” By Adrien Gombeaud (Les Echos)

“In this beautiful fragmented film, Ryūsuke Hamaguchi’s direction accompanies characters going back in time, transported by the painful and liberating force of memories.” By Chloe Cavillier (

2nd: The Bad Guys – 3.7/5

“Adapted from an Australian children’s book, The Bad Guys is an animated film like we find at Disney-Pixar and Dreamworks, but it stands out by its singularity.” By DG (Latest News from Alsace)

“The Bad Guys stumbles on a script that’s a bit too simple but compensates with its aesthetic, splendid, and its mad energy.” By Constantin Lacombe (Cinema Teaser)

3rd: Abuela – 3.6/5

“Paco Plaza refuses easy surprise effects to explore the inevitability of old age and confront us with a universal terror, which we often choose to ignore.” By Mathieu Jaborska (Widescreen)

“Filming two elegant naked young women in an apartment without falling into the most solicitous trappings of male gaze is one of the feats that Abuela accomplishes with flying colours.” By Sylvestre Picard (Premiere)


1st: The Bad Guys – 3.5/5

“This animated film is excellent on a good number of points: the modern and lively music, the well-received humorous scenes, the sympathetic and endearing characters as well as the references to various action and heist films.” By Marko Ivk

“I recommend this film, which is aimed at children as well as young adults (in the room, there were only adults). This film is really feel-good and the fact that it is a Frenchman working for an American animation company is truly honorable.” By Arthur Guezou

2nd: Tales of chance and other fantasies – 3.4/5

“In short, 3 modern stories, 3 tales that necessarily speak to us, telling us (probably) a part of a lived story…” By Fifibrindacier

“It’s a completely honourable, ambitious and solid film, which I liked. However, it is undoubtedly less consensual than Hamaguchi’s previous opus, if we refer to the release chronology on the screens.” By Pascal

3rd: Inexorable – 3.0/5

“Benoît Poelvoorde, a genius actor, brilliantly embodies this tormented character. The young actress Alba Gaïa Kraghede Bellugi responds to him with just as much force, an addictive malaise retains the viewer from the first to the last scene.” By William

“Ah, that’s what’s interesting. A real proposal, both in terms of genre and casting. Poelvoorde’s wonderful reunion with the genre. Even if the film is a little too crazy at times and the script too meager, there remains an atmosphere and the feeling like I hadn’t seen this movie before.” By Chloe V.

* According to the ratings of the AlloCiné barometer, on Friday April 8, 2022, for films released in theaters on Wednesday April 6 with at least 10 reviews for the top press and 50 ratings for the top viewers. These two tops do not include films already released once or several times in France.


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