the behavior of this candidate does not pass, Internet users outraged


Saturday, April 9, for many Internet users, not everything went as it should… Indeed, the coaches of The Voice chose Sonia. And Marina Battista lost. But that was without taking into account the many criticisms of the arrogance of the 17-year-old singer.

As always in battle events, the choices are difficult. And for Florent Pagny in particular, it was not easy. Because the juror has decided to decide between two of his protégés. On one side was Marina Battista, known for her first attempt at blind auditions the previous season.

Described as “revanchist” by some, Marina was rejected a second time. Because it was Sonia who stole the show by measuring herself against her on the legendary title of Gloria Gaynor I will survive. It must be said that the young 17-year-old from Perpignan had already seduced the jury during her performance on girl in fire by Alicia Keys.

Too sure of herself, really?

This season of The Voice promises to be very special for Florent Pagny. On Tuesday, January 25, everyone was shocked to learn that the juror had “inoperable” lung cancer. He himself announced it on Instagram. And his message then looped on the news channels.

Me and my other half have to put ourselves in warrior mode in order to face this rather special ordeal, he thus explained Florent Pagny. The singer, however, has not completely given up on his tour. He hopes to take it back when everything will be settled.

The 60-year-old singer has embarked on chemotherapy treatment. He resigned himself to canceling his concerts. And he even shaved his head. The performer of the title ” My freedom of thought ” in any case feels surrounded by his loved ones, first and foremost by his wife Azuneca.

For its part, the production of The Voice decided to adapt. The latter would indeed consider replacing him. TF1 has also spoken on the cancer of Florent Pagny. Our priority is Florent’s health (…) For filming, we will arrange with him“, the production said in a press release.

The Voice: “It’s just an attitude”

But the production will also have to be organized with the singer’s wife, Azuneca. Because the wife of Florent Pagny and their two children Aël and Inca have decided to ” close ranks.” Indeed, the artist needs to breathe. And to do ” full of tenderness“, thus explain our colleagues from the magazine Here is.

For now, viewers are entitled to pre-recorded episodes. But what about the semi-final and the final, broadcast live? Nobody knows at the moment. In any case, one thing is certain: the little protege of Florent Pagny is not unanimous.

During the broadcast of the battle, many messages appeared on social networks to criticize Sonia’s attitude. “Well Sonia already had a melon, now that she has been chosen, she will have a watermelon”, thus released one a Twittos. Others soon joined him: “Sonia, she took herself for Beyoncé, you have to go down, miss“, La Sonia is seriously pissed off. Too mannered. The jurors won’t keep her…”, it was obvious that Sonia was more confident and strong than the other girl…”, “Very pretentious this Sonia #thevoice”.

Others, however, defended it, but they were less numerous: “She is sure of herself and she is right”, we could read indeed, as well as this remark: ”it’s just an attitude she adopted on stage”. And you, what is your opinion?


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