the choice of Dupraz to replace Sacko is debated


Zapping Goal! soccer club ASSE: Does Pascal Dupraz have a future at Sainté?

I would prefer Bakayoko

“The match against Marseille confirmed that ASSE had lost big with the injury of Falaye Sacko. Against Troyes, we saw that Moukoudi did not really have the profile to replace the Malian. But against OM, the Camara option was not very relevant either. Not that Camara went through, but he still missed a lot in the middle where his duo with Gourna-Douath had worked rather well lately.

My personal opinion is that Dupraz should leave Mahdi in the middle, at his best position. And to replace Sacko, I campaign for Abdoulaye Bakayoko. If Dupraz persists with his three-man defense, he is the one who has the closest profile to Sacko, with his speed, his sense of anticipation. I don’t really understand why Bakayoko disappeared after his baptism of fire in L1 against Lens and Lyon. He was anything but undeserved. In my opinion, it deserves to be reviewed. »

Laurent Hess

The 4-4-2, the best option

“As much as I understood the meaning of continuing in a central three system when Enzo Crivelli was not available, as much as I think today it is time to review the animation. The absence of Sacko must also be the driving force behind this change since the three-man defense no longer works without him… And this regardless of the alternative solution alongside the Mangala – Nadé tandem. I would not be against the fact that Mahdi Camara, on his return from his sidelining, continues to replace the Malian… but as a right-back while awaiting the return of Yvann Maçon from injury.

The initial idea of ​​the three-man defense was to beef up the Loire defense to concede fewer goals. It worked for a while, it no longer does. Pascal Dupraz now has an anchor point around which to turn another attacker (Denis Bouanga while waiting for Wahbi Khazri?). We know the Haut-Savoyard follower of the classic 4-4-2 with Manchester United sauce from the Sir Alex Ferguson era. He now has all the elements to set up his animation.

For several weeks, ASSE has operated on a cycle basis. The successful cycle born from the Angers match ran out of steam. In my opinion, we have to start over with something new, reinvent ourselves over the last 8 games. Saint-Etienne still needs at least four successes to avoid the play-off spot. The next three games – Lorient, Brest and Bordeaux – will be crucial. Now is the time to react…”

Alexandre CORBOZ

to summarize

“Is Mahdi Camara really the best option to replace Falaye Sacko? “: this is our debate of the week at ASSE… Laurent Hess is campaigning for the young Bakayoko, Alexandre Corboz for a change of system…


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