the first opinions on the vikings film have fallen


The first viewers of Robert Eggers’ Viking film, The Northman, have given their opinions. Big success in perspective?

Much awaited by the public, the next film by Robert Eggers promises to be epic. The filmmaker has already managed to make a name for himself in Hollywood with only two films to his credit, the dark and intriguing The Witch and The Lighthouse, and returns with a very ambitious project: a Viking film. Judging by the trailer, The Northman could be the first big event of the cinema year.

Brutal, immersive, reviews of the vikings film are very upbeat, even Alfonso Cuarón was blown away by the film. Still subject to the critical embargo, the press cannot yet elaborate on its opinion, but critics who were lucky enough to discover the film in screening were able to shower the film with praise on Twitter. We have therefore grouped together several tweets representative of the general opinion, very very positive.

One thing is certain: it will hurt!

The Northman : Photo Alexander SkarsgårdAlexander Skarsgård on his way to petrify the spectators

“The Northman is exactly what you would expect from a $90 million budget Viking revenge film directed by Robert Eggers. Brutal and dazzling with great attention to detail. The story is quite simple and takes a while to get started, but I was always left speechless at this show. Alexander Skarsgård is an absolute monster. » Matt Neglia – Next Best Picture

The Northman : Photo BjörkImmerse yourself in Norse mythology with blockbuster sauce

“A bit of a lazy shorthand perhaps, but The Northman is essentially Robert Eggers’ answer to 300. Violent, visceral, eerie and at times stunningly beautiful, it’s a huge action movie that comes to mix with scenes that really bewitching. Skarsgard is an absolute beast. » Rory Cashin –

“The Northman: Robert Eggers made his Gladiator. A fun and emotional revenge epic that kept me hooked with its beautiful language, mythology and cinematography. Less grandiose than the trailers suggest, but still powerful and moving. The final battle is crazy. » Germain Lussier io9

“While watching Robert Eggers’ Viking revenge epic The Northman, I often alternated between clapping and squealing. Stunning and repulsive choreography in a way that I still can’t fully accept. Not without its setbacks, it’s the kind of film whose existence is likened to a miracle today, so I’m taking it. »Tomris Laffly – Variety

The Northman : Photo Claes BangA fiery epic

Three words keep coming back: brutal, visceral and spectacular. English-speaking critics agree that the film is a cinematic experience like few others. The Northman is seemingly as immersive as it is loaded with spirituality and mythology. Despite some mixed opinions on the story, which would be quite banal, a son who wants to avenge his father, the breathtaking cinematography seems to take over and make us forget the beginning (or even the unfolding) of a film that is perhaps too classic.

If the performances of Anya Taylor-Joy, Willem Dafoe and Ethan Hawke were not commented on in these tweets, that of Nicole Kidman is applauded for its intensity and all the critics unite around one point: Alexander Skarsgård delivers a horror performance full of fury. Judging by these opinions, the battle scenes are very successful and the film manages to make the viewer feel all the intensity that emanates from them. The Northman Will it be Robert Eggers’ best film? Answer on May 11, 2022 in French theaters.



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