The first thing you spot in the picture will reveal your character.


Today, the web is full of psychological tests, but those that play on the ambiguity of human perception are the most original. For fun, as if to reveal surprising details of your character, discover a very curious personality test based on trompe-l’oeil. Warning ! Don’t stare too long at the images and start with the first association that comes to mind.

2 crocodiles or bird

Two Crocodiles

If you see two crocodiles with their mouths open, you’re most likely the type not to let go. That is, you like to keep the situation under control. Guided by your spirit of initiative, you tend to overcommit yourself and take on everything. This does not mean, however, that you are somewhat tyrannical. Quite the contrary – you are a true leader, attentive to the needs of others.


You navigate the steep and arduous paths of this life, which take you to the stars. Admittedly, you have your own opinion, but your spirit of diplomacy leads you to always seek compromise in a situation. Thus, you often end up giving in to the opinions of others. It should come as no surprise, then, that frankness and sociability are your distinctive personality traits.

idea reliable personality test psychology optical illusion

lion or exotic bird


It is well known that the lion symbolizes strength and audacity. If you see this animal first, you are most likely the bearer of these two highly prized and useful qualities in the contemporary world. You are not afraid to go to the bottom of things and to face your problems and deep nature.

exotic bird

You walk headlong through life and in some situations you seem a bit irresponsible. However, these small flaws are very specific to people with a creative spirit and those who want to change the world for the better.

psychological and visual illusion test what do you see in the photo

Duck or rabbit


If poultry is the first thing you see in the picture above, it’s safe to assume that it’s the emotion that predominates in your attitude towards life. Quite impulsive, you tend to make decisions on the spur of the moment. Likewise, your mood is changeable and you find it difficult to control your emotions.


You are well aware that any action has consequences. You make decisions, relying on the logic of things. This does not, however, make you a cold or impassive person.

optical illusion psychology test dog tail or muzzle

Dog muzzle or paw and tail


Spotting the muzzle first means you perceived the image in the regular and logical way. That is, from left to right. This does not automatically mean that you are an ordinary person, but rather that you have a rational and consistent attitude towards life. You have a natural inclination for logical observation of reality and sensible decisions. Nevertheless, we are sure that when you arrived at the right side of the image, you analyzed it in the opposite direction, just to discover the silhouette of a paw and a dog’s tail.

dog paw and tail

However, if you analyzed the image from right to left, you may have noticed some ambiguity. The spirit of originality is your strong point. Logic is there when making any decision, but you often proceed in a very creative way.

batman or wolverine personality test based on optical illusion

Wolverine or two Batmans

Here is a small bow to the followers of Marvel and DC. If Wolverine jumped out at you first, no doubt you’ve fallen in love with Tony Stark, admired Capitan America’s great endurance, or admired Wolverine’s remarkable good looks. If your gaze caught on the two mirrored Batman silhouettes, we can bet on your love for the streets of Gotham City. And isn’t the Dark Knight one of your favorite superhumans?

The principle of this personality test

Optical illusions are of particular interest to psychologists. In particular since they are used for a better knowledge of the human brain. Indeed, vision is a sense whose limits go far beyond the simple perception of objects by the retina. Once perceived by the eyes, visual information must be interpreted by the brain. He is charged with the task of recognizing, identifying and naming the object of perception. In this line of thought, the visual ambiguity of optical illusions is used to dig deep into the unconscious. Thus, one gets a better knowledge of the way in which a person grasps the world around him. That’s why we are such big fans of these psychological tests.

psychology tests stains and optical illusion trompe l'oeil


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