The horoscope for Sunday April 10, 2022


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Plan a good day, even if the context is still not the calmest, you will know how to avoid saying aloud what you think quietly, and it will be better. Why spark controversy? You know how to manage them, play with them, but your interlocutors may not know and are affected.


If we believe the star of the night, which represents your feelings, this Sunday will be very traditional. You will only want to enjoy your protective cocoon, and your family if they are present by your side. Born after May 16, Mars is still creating conflict, but the mood will change mid-next week.


You will be in the mood to have fun, to joke, to play with others, your teenage nature being at the forefront today. Don’t let that stop you from voting. Just because you’re rediscovering your teenage soul doesn’t mean you have to forget that you have adult responsibilities to the community.


The Moon has entered Leo and no longer activates dissonances, so it’s a quieter, restful Sunday for most of you; take advantage of the present moment, because tomorrow and until Friday, there will still be discussions that will go around in circles and, perhaps, revelations that will put you out of your mind.


For you, the Moon does not form an aspect, it activates your intuition and above all your receptivity. After doing your civic duty, why not go to the cinema, perhaps with the children? Or have a nice game of cards with your friends, you who have the reputation of enjoying playing, especially if you win!


Reunions with friends or family are privileged today, you will be very inclined to worry about others more than yourself and to be of service. Perhaps you will help out at your polling station at the end of the day or, in another register, that you will help the community?


The sky is still cluttered with a wicked dissonance, but today you will decide that nothing must reach you and it is your loved ones who will protect you. Your friends, your relations, those you will meet during the day will allow you to clear your mind, to move on.


Everything will be of capital importance today, in any case that is what you will feel, and you will not be wrong. It is true that it is an important day, whatever the context in which you are, insofar as it is the 1st round of the presidential election and that, for you, this has a particular meaning.


You will be in good shape today, perhaps because you can let off steam in the fresh air and feel the wind of freedom blowing. You really need it! Especially if you are from the 3rd decan, the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction is always there and plays the invaders and yourself, you may have felt invaded!


You continue, 3rd decan, to have to discuss problems that have no solution for the moment, and you have the feeling that your interlocutors are negative. In what you are not wrong, we may be trying to prevent you from moving forward and being able to say what you really think. It will unravel next Wednesday.


Meetings are front and center today, but they are not festive meetings. We will talk about problems that seem, for the moment, to be insoluble. This probably does not concern you on a personal level but rather on a more general level. It could be a question of politics since it’s the 1st round…


It is in your nature to help out, you like to feel indispensable and this is perhaps how you will feel today, that you are useful to the community. This can apply as much to your family life as to something more unusual; for example, assisting at the polling station for the counting.

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