“The Quest”, the title of Orelsan, taken over at the Stade Malherbe de Caen sauce


“With WAM we make jokes / Humor is only that when it’s shipwreck”. WAM is We Are Malherbe, a site that deals with the news of Stade Malherbe de Caen with humor and second degree. And this sentence is taken from their cover of the title The questby Orelsan, unveiled on Monday April 11, 2022, and performed in WAM The show, broadcast on Radio Phoenix .

In this song, available on his latest album Civilization Orelsan retraces the journey of a child who has become an adult, with tenderness, humor and poetry: “At five, I just wanted to be seven / At seven, I was in a hurry to see the rest / Today, I’d rather time stop / Ah, that’s what counts is not the arrival, it is the quest. »

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Forty years of Stade Malherbe history in 3 minutes

In the version broadcast by We Are Malherbe, there is also the idea of ​​an apprenticeship, but entirely centered around… the Stade Malherbe de Caen of course! In three minutes, this parody retraces the history of the last forty years of SM Caen, with its successes and its setbacks. The references speak to insiders: the famous Venoix years with Görter, Rio, Divert and Rix, then Gravelaine and Paille, the checkered jersey, Jeandupeux, the Zaragoza episode, the move in 1993 to Ornano, the 2000 turn with Seube and Mazure, the “putsch” against Fortin, the collapse in Ligue 2…

Well-crafted text

If the voice is not perfect, the text is well put together. We find in the lyrics this nostalgia and this poetry, faithful to the title of the rapper from Caen, all accompanied by a good dose of second degree.

“We settle down not far from the refreshment bar / Everyone is standing so I can’t see anything / My father, my hero, gave me / The checkered jersey that slaps”

The title is full of references to the Caen club and offers him a beautiful declaration of love. “Forty years old and I’m like when I was seven / In the Malherbe family we often stay / Today I wouldn’t like time to stop / We should rhyme Normans and conquest. »

A declaration of love for Stade Malherbe and a beautiful tribute to Orelsan, himself a big fan of SM Caen. The rapper does not hesitate to put on his most beautiful red and blue jersey, as soon as the opportunity arises, as recently, at the student carnival in Caen.

“The Quest”, the title of Orelsan, taken over at the Stade Malherbe de Caen sauce


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