The Voice 2022, the battles: Florent Pagny very moved, end of mission for Nolwenn Leroy, heartbreaking choices


Saturday April 9, 2022 took place the second episode of the battles of The Voice. As before, in groups of two, the candidates competed on the same song. And all was not lost for the vanquished since the Stealing of Talents was still possible! Each coach has the right to save a candidate. This year, there is also Nolwenn Leroy in the competition. The surprise coach ended her mission by offering her second and final battle.


Battle between Sonia and Marina

For his first battle of the evening, Florent Pagny placed face-to-face two very young girls, Sonia (16 years old) and Marina (19 years old). The latter is very happy to be in the adventure after a first failure last season, which had caused controversy. But she disputed her place in the adventure with a formidable competitor in the person of Sonia who, despite her young age, already has everything of a great artist. They both offered a good performance on the title I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor. Which made the choice of Florent Pagny necessarily very complicated. “It’s top level, it’s great, you’re superb“, he addressed to them. He decided to keep Sonia. She has an appointment at the cross-battles.

Battle between Morgane and June

June is a real performer, with an impeccable technique. Morgane, for her part, has a talent and a natural streak that is impossible to resist. The first has more confidence in herself and in her voice unlike her opponent who is still starting at 16 and is struggling to win. Florent Pagny wanted to break down all the barriers they might have by having them sing on one more night by Celine Dion. And he could only be delighted with their performance and their judged voices “extraordinary“. It seemed obvious to him all the same that June “dominated” the battle with her technique and mastery. Still, Morgane is “a rough diamond“with great potential and which particularly touches Florent Pagny. It is moreover on the verge of tears that he admits to being”in a strange season” with “full of strange talents“. Thereby, “it’s almost tenderness“which made him prefer Morgan. She has an appointment at the cross-battles.

Battle between Vael and Lou Dassi

Two incredible voices with different registers then clashed thanks to an experienced candidate with a voice full of possibility of 30 years old and a more beginner but determined of 16 years old. They sang on zombie Cranberries and it’s an intense battle they offered on stage. “Two very distinct performances, the song corresponded more to Vael but Lou went to lend himself to this game and did rather well. Vael didn’t let go from start to finish and I know where I could go with her and not with Lou so I’m going keep Lou“, he explained, curious about what the teenager still has to offer. She has an appointment at the cross-battles.


Battle between Ofé, Velours and Jessy

For this battle, Marc Lavoine had to bring together three of his Talents, having recruited more candidates than he could during the blind auditions. The coach has chosen his three big favorites of the season, with very different personalities and voices. They sang together White Paradise by Michel Berger and their performance was truly stunning for everyone. “I loved it, they did exactly what I expected“, declared Marc Lavoine. Vianney shared the feeling of his comrade, admitting to having been “tart“by Jessy’s talent, which he never had”not seen coming” and which has however largely imposed itself according to him. Marc Lavoine was very annoyed to make a choice among the three young women in front of him, of whom he is a fan. He nevertheless decided to keep Ofe with him for the rest of the adventure. She has an appointment at the cross-battles.

Battle between Madeline and Yannick

It’s a perfectly harmonious duo who sang on like a boomerang by Serge Gainsbourg. Madeline and Yannick managed to appropriate the piece and embody it. All the coaches were carried away by their charisma. But Marc Lavoine had to resolve to choose Madeline, with whom he sees himself continuing the adventure. She has an appointment at the cross-battles.


Battle between Gautier and Charles

By bringing together Gautier and Charles on Dua Lipa’s song, Physical, Vianney wanted to give them the chance to take the stage. A stage presence they both lacked during blind auditions. Determined to embody the song and follow the advice of their coach, the two candidates managed to put on the show, while showing great vocal mastery. “As a coach, I’m fulfilled, I’m in heaven“, confided Vianney. Marc Lavoine and Florent Pagny had a slight preference for Gautier while Amel Bent had a crush on Charles. “There is one who is more advanced than the other, it is Charles, he has a mastery which is of a very high level. Afterwards, it was Gautier’s awakening, so even if it was imperfect, there is something about you that is in the making. My logic is not strategic, I will continue with Gautier“, finally decided Vianney. He has an appointment at the cross-battles.

But Florent Pagny buzzed for Charles to be drafted into the adventure. He joins his team for the cross-battles but nothing is decided because the coach can decide to steal another talent and therefore replace him.

Battle between Gabin and Louis

Gabin touched Vianney with his natural charm and poetry while Louis overwhelmed him with his fragility and sincerity. It is in the simplicity that they find themselves on the title The ink of your eyes by Francis Cabrel. Vianney thus wished them to be “at the service of sweetness“.”This song it upsets me and when you take matters into your own hands, it’s just sublime so congratulations guys“, greeted Vianney after their impeccable performance. For the other coaches, it was Gabin who stood out thanks to his deep voice. Louis did not deserve it by delivering an impeccable performance. “I met a real guy who doesn’t cheat at all, I’m so proud of the path you’ve been able to take, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart“, addressed him Vianney who despite everything decided to keep Gabin. He has an appointment at the cross-battles.


Battle between Léa and Luigiano

Léa and Luigiano delivered a very moving and sweet performance on Madonna’s cult song, like a prayer. “I regret making them sing together“, declared Amel Bent afterwards, won over by their two talents and rather undecided. Despite her difficulty in making a choice, the coach decided to keep Luigiano. He has an appointment at the cross-battles.

Marc Lavoine buzzed for Léa to be drafted into the adventure. She joins his team for the cross-battles and thus takes the place of Nabila, the first candidate he had stolen. Nothing is decided yet for Léa because the coach can still decide to steal another talent and therefore replace her.

Battle between David, Leeroy and Jerome

For this new battle, Amel Bent also had to compose a team of three candidates. In particular, she decided to place Jérôme there, whom she knows well since he composed some of his greatest hits during his career. Nevertheless, it is without favoritism that she made him work alongside David, another professional and with his “little freshness” Leeroy, the most novice of the three. They each tried to stand out on the title The pianist’s groupie by Michael Berger. And it is very tormented that Amel Bent had to make his choice. She finally decided to keep leeroy. He has an appointment at the cross-battles.


Battle between Leo and Lloris

It is inevitably with great emotion that Léo and Lloris have rejoined the adventure after having failed the blind auditions. Thanks to Nolwenn Leroy, they got another chance to shine on the stage of The Voice and take their revenge against the other four coaches. Nolwenn made them sing on behind the fog of Grand Corps Malade and Louane. Seeing them back on stage made the coaches aware that they had missed out on real talent, and more particularly Lloris who “seized” on stage in an incredible way according to them. It’s all the more impressive that the young man started singing only a few months ago. Nolwenn Leroy followed the advice of his comrades and decided to choose Lloris for the continuation of the adventure. The candidate then had to integrate a new team and he decided to follow Marc Lavoine for the cross-battles.


Vianney : Axel, Emilie, Louise, Gautier, Gabin

It remains to go into battle: Maseko, Mister Mat, Henry, Léna, Pauline, Ila

Amel Bent :Vike, Natalie, Doryan, Luigiano, Leeroy

It remains to go into battle: Ollie, Marie, Raphaël, Nicolas, Chérine, Vanessa, Mathéo, Ambriel

Florent Pagny : Nour, Jean Palau, Jade, Sonia, Charles, Morgane, Lou

It remains to go into battle: Thomas, Ambre, Kevin, Élise

Marc Lavoine : Clement, Jerome, Ofé, Lloris, Léa, Madeline

It remains to go into battle: Maestrina, Caroline, Basil, Axel, Fabien, Apie, Stephen

On the audience side, this second evening devoted to battles was followed by 3.91 million program followers. The audience share is 19.0% over four years and over. The second part of the show, from 10:40 p.m. to 11:55 p.m., was able to count on 3.24 million telecrochet fans (23.8% 4+).


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